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6 Effective Ideas to Engage Former Gym Members

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Engaging former gym members can be tricky. Here are the top six effective measures you can proactively implement to engage them better.

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Effective Ideas to Engage Former Gym Members

Managing a gym is quite a daunting task for an entrepreneur. From getting new clients to keeping a check on gym equipment to handling finances and employees, the list goes on and on. One such tough nut to crack is the task of retaining clients and keeping them engaged. Well, engaging former gym members is as important as bringing new ones.

Plus, as a person gets used to the daily chore of working out, it is likely to feel monotonous for them, and hitting the gym may seem less fun than before. Old gym members often have more experience than new members, which makes traditional workout methods boring. They are often hit by the question, “what to do at the gym today?" You must constantly develop new methods to keep your community engaged. This is needed to ensure that your gym members do not get bored with their fitness regime and continue to work on their health goals.

This blog has compiled six of the most effective ways to engage your former gym members. Ensure that their fitness routine never turns stale for them. The point here is to keep them busy and see that they feel they are an integral part of your business.

What is Engagement?

Engagement generally refers to a multi-faceted marketing approach focused on targeting different customers. You need to get the message across to potential and former members and adjust the message more effectively to market your message to each group. This way, you will be able to keep former members engaged.

Engagement here means cultivating a healthy relationship between owner and consumer to foster awareness and brand loyalty. The better your members are engaged, the longer you will be able to retain them. Ultimately, your business will grow, reducing customer churn and increasing profits. Your former members will always keep coming back to the gym.

Technology Integration

In the era of digitization, fitness studios that integrate technology are highly in demand and bring customer satisfaction. Gym members are largely result-oriented. They will likely be demotivated if they cannot see results and track their success. Keep a fitness tech to help them track their progress. Wearable fitness gadgets help track members' workout progress, monitor their heart rate, and give other essential details about their health.

Invest in an app that acts as a 24*7 connection between your gym and its members. You can help members with their diet plans and workout methods and provide online fitness classes. Apps are hugely beneficial in keeping members motivated and engaged.

Interact with Everyone

Interaction is a major contributor to customer retention, especially in the gym business. If there is no communication plan, you will probably witness ill-informed members struggling to find motivation. Regular interaction is integral to the relationship-building process, and you must build a rapport with your gym members. Build a relationship of understanding and empathy.

You should listen to members' grievances and try addressing their problems. Also, you should be confident while demonstrating your knowledge to them to enhance the transparency and efficiency of workout plans. Interaction can be verbal (person-to-person), via phone, or social media channels; ensure to maximize such interactions and make the most of these opportunities.  

Create a Community

While you strive to maintain a good relationship between gym staff and gym members, it is equally important to have a healthy member-to-member relationship—positive bonding between fellow gym members aids in motivating them to work collectively towards their fitness goals.

Exercising in groups aids in less number of members walking away. You can opt for group workout plans where members can work together and help each other face their challenges and achieve their weight loss and health goals. Also, a good community helps build a positive mindset in individuals, which is highly beneficial for overall health.

Offer Deals, Promotions, and Specials

A well-planned membership retention strategy is needed to engage former gym members and enhance business loyalty and revenue. From a marketing point of view, former gym members are easy to bring back compared to new members. All you need to do is build a proper strategy.

You can start giving special offers to former gym members, such as monthly discounts, loyalty fitness offers, etc. It will surely motivate them to continue with you. You can also promote your business on your website and social media pages through regular creative content that will catch former members' eyes and pull them back to your business.  

Improve Gym Floor Experience

Work on improving the gym floor experience of members and retention-based commercial facilities. Peak hours can result in overcrowding of the gym floor and frustrate members forcing them to go without fully completing their workout routine. Expand the floor area if possible. Create separate sections for different kinds of workouts. There can be a separate zone for heavy workouts and a separate zone for special sessions like yoga, pilates, etc.

If you find that certain machines are in great demand and cause lengthy waiting queues, you can opt to increase the number of those machines. Treadmills are the most-used gym equipment; therefore, it is advisable to keep them in plenty so that there are minimal waiting lines and crowding.

Floor experience is also supposed to be improved by maintaining the gym and its equipment in proper condition and paying attention to hygiene and cleanliness of the area.

Improve Group Exercise Classes

Group fitness classes refer to special fitness classes that are a part of your gym. Your gym can have different groups like yoga, Zumba, pilates, etc., and you can have a separate exercise class for members with certain health issues requiring specialized attention and a special workout plan.

Each group must have a customized plan for its members which fits their needs and benefits them in achieving their health goals. You can organize special fun sessions to keep members engaged and enjoying while they work out, which helps improve your gym membership retention statistics.


Your gym members are your precious assets. You would never want to lose them. They are an integral part of your gym community, and they should feel like a part of it. They deserve to feel valued and celebrated. If you work wisely, you can create a happy environment for your members and make them stay back.

Special days to celebrate with your members and staff must be encouraged so there can be more to life than just breaking a sweat. You need to create an environment that is positive and motivating. Only then can you succeed in your business. With the above-outlined tips, we are sure you have now got things figured out and now know what all you are supposed to know.

Remember, a gym is a gym because of its members, and they should be respected and paid attention to; all their objectives must be met to achieve overall health, not just weight loss. So work on your member retention strategy, keep your community motivated, and they will count on you always.

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