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Fitness Coach Natash Popovich Doubled Her Business Growth With FitBudd. Read More To Learn How.

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Coach Natasha Popovich achieved her goal of growing her fitness business. Read her story to learn how.

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Fitness Coach Natash Popovich Doubled Her Business Growth With FitBudd. Read More To Learn How.


Natasha Popovich is a certified ISSA personal trainer, nutritionist, and glute specialist with the mission of assisting women in gaining strength and self-assurance through her gym, The Pink Gym. With an impressive education in fitness under her belt, she's driven to help others look their best while simultaneously feeling great about themselves.

Also, she is passionate about helping women reach their fitness goals by creating personalized workout programs tailored to their needs. She believes in listening to her clients and taking the time to understand what they want, so she can develop programs that meet their unique requirements.

Her workout programs are ideal for women who are time-strapped due to work or other responsibilities.

Path To Finding FitBudd

From the beginning, Natasha wanted to take her fitness business global. Although she had already helped women in her vicinity adopt healthier living through her gym, she believed there was still room for growth.

Knowing that she could no longer manage her business on her own, let alone go international, she looked for a trustworthy solution to help keep operations running smoothly while also amplifying her reach.

After evaluating several top-rated personal training software on the market, Natasha's hunt for the perfect solution concluded with FitBudd.

With Fitness By XO,  her custom-built app and website provided by FitBudd, Natasha now had access to a global audience wanting to work with her.

And when this influx of clients raised the need for a dependable system to manage and organize her business, FitBudd proved to be an ideal solution.

She leveraged features accessible on the platform to cultivate success for her business.

For instance, Natasha freed herself from the burden of maintaining sheets upon sheets to track and record her clients’ information. FitBudd enabled her to track all her clients’ activities - from their workout progress to payments - within one app.

When Natasha's clients were unable to make it in for their gym sessions, she kept them on track by providing online classes. By doing so, she ensured that her clientele could still reach their desired fitness goals even when life got busy.

By taking advantage of FitBudd's unique and indispensable features, Natasha was able to transform drop-ins into regulars, sell memberships online, and build a strong community around her brand.

Growing With FitBudd

By launching an online platform alongside her gym, Natasha got the best of both worlds.

Her fitness business app, Fitness By XO, experienced explosive growth online, allowing her to expand her global reach.

Furthermore, the launch of her new website attracted new clients to her gym.

Today, Natasha runs her business efficiently, effectively, and effortlessly with FitBudd.

Will you be next?

If you’re a gym owner looking for the next step, this is it. Opt for FitBudd and take your personal training business to the next level.

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