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Jeremy Sry
Pursuit by SRY
As an online personal trainer, a content creator, and a husband; juggling multiple faces into the online coaching business has been a challenge. With the need to create a system that would deliver clients the best 1 on 1 coaching experience, creating my own app made the most sense.

I've tried different platforms, I've tried creating my own app from scratch, and through it all, it wasn't until Fitbudd reached out that I really got to create something that was tailored towards my actual training and practices!
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Fitbudd Fitness Trainer App
Vanessa Jakubowski
Vanessa Phoenix Fitness
I was lucky to be the first App that was built by FitBudd. The platform they offer is amazing, then of course you have to fill it with your brand so it was hard work but well worth it.

They are professional and quick in their response and always helpful. I am enjoying using my App and my clients love it too. Thanks so much FitBudd for helping me develop my business!!
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Fitbudd Fitness Trainer App
Jani Dittman
As a personal trainer & fitness professional, my goal is to help my clients stay fit for a better quality of life. I was looking for a platform to expand my business and provide online personal training with custom workouts for clients around the globe. It is also important to be able to track their progress and make changes to their programs when required.

FitBudd presented with all these features in one place along with an opportunity to train my clients using my own application. From implementing my suggestions to helping me do the initial set up to go live with my apps, it was a super smooth process. Thank you FitBudd for helping me take my business to new heights with my own brand!
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Fitbudd Fitness App
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Fitbudd Fitness App
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