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A Thorough Guide On Protein Powder by Experts

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What is Protein power and how does it help the human body? Read on to know all about Protein Powder by Fitness Experts.

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A Thorough Guide On Protein Powder by Experts

Protein is like a mechanic to our body. Yes! You read it right. Protein in our body helps to repair each cell of our body and make new ones too. So protein is essential for our body's growth and development and to remain healthy daily.

It is a building block of our life. A chain of amino acids is the basic structure of the protein. Proteins are present in all living organisms. Protein Synthesis is formed in our body through a process called 'Protein Synthesis.' The proteins perform different functions depending upon their shape and size. Some examples of functions of protein are: to help facilitate chemical reactions for digestive enzymes in our body, support our immune system by creating antibodies, assisting hormones in supporting the coordination of body function, help in the movement of essential molecules of our body, support muscle movement, and its contraction and many more.

So, by now, we know how much protein has importance in human life. This burst a myth saying, 'Protein is only needed for bodybuilders.' Now we know it's not right. Every person needs protein with a different proportion per their daily activity.

As per European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA), the daily dietary value for an individual with a routine activity weighing 70 kg adult is 58 grams of protein per day (0.83 grams of protein per body weight) is required. So is it possible to get a complete nutritious protein pack diet in our daily lifestyle giving the necessary amount of protein a person needs as per his daily activity? NO right? So here comes a savior, which is known as Protein Supplement, to help each person to complete their daily protein requirements and to keep our body healthy and strong.

Why Protein Supplements?

Before addressing why protein supplements, we shall learn what protein supplements are. Protein supplements are, as the name suggests, an add-on to our daily diet. When our daily protein intake does not suffice for our daily activity, protein supplements help us meet our daily protein requirements. Often, consuming food alone is insufficient to fulfill our body's protein requirement. No matter how much vegetable, dairy, or deli products you may consume.

Moreover, in today's fast life, it is sometimes difficult to consume food on time. Therefore, it becomes impossible to complete our daily protein intake. Here's where protein supplements play an essential role. Some of the protein supplements are in the form of powder, pills, etc.

What is Protein Powder?

Protein powders come in different forms. The common forms of Protein powder are soy, casein, and whey protein. Whey Protein is the most water-soluble milk protein. It is a complete protein. A complete protein means a body requires a protein consisting of 9 essential amino acids essential for the human body. Meat, fish, chicken, and dairy products are lean protein sources. The protein powder can provide us with the lean sources of protein we get from animal products.

Some people who are lactose intolerant and those who are vegan can go for Soy protein, a plant-based protein source.

Protein powders can be consumed as shakes and other foods, including Oatmeal, Pancakes batter, Smoothies, and many more. Know more with a meal planning app.

Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein helps in managing weight. Having nutritious food with protein powder helps a person feel full for longer. It helps in less frequent snacking and a smaller portion of the intake. This further assists in weight loss. After all, being healthy is the ultimate goal.

Protein helps in muscle growth. When a person performs any activity, his muscles expand and contract. The process of muscle expansion and contraction needs amino acids, which are formed by protein in our body. Protein powder quickly digests in our body and mixes with the blood, providing the exact support when needed.

While doing the exercise, muscle breaks down, and protein powder helps it repair quickly. It enables a person to recover from muscle soreness after a workout routine.

Sometimes, protein may act as a source of energy for our body. Protein powder provides an easily digestible form of protein.

Best Protein Powders

Many people who work out prefer Foreign Brands like Optimum Nutrition, BioSteel, Oziva, and many more. On the other hand, many Indian Brands of Protein powders are available in the market, like MuscleBlaze, Myprotein, IdealLean, and more.

When selecting the protein powder, you need to consider a few things: your body type, fitness goals, and health and fitness requirements.

The best person to recommend a protein powder would be a dietician or your trainer. Since these people know your body requirements and fitness goal, they can advise and suggest a protein supplement that will work best for your body.

Personal trainers plan your daily workout regime and diet and can recommend the best protein powder for you, which will ultimately help you to achieve your fitness goal.

Does Protein powder work?

Protein Powder is the simplest and most accessible form for our body to digest. It will work as an added nutritional element to our body, improving overall performance and keeping a healthy and fit body. Protein powder does work to recover fast from an injury. Protein powder helps us to feel lighter. It helps us to build muscle mass and includes adequate protein in our daily diet.

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