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Derek Noble's Journey To 3 Fitness Apps & More | Bonus Tips For Personal Trainers

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Chayan Garg

Meet Derek Noble, a certified personal trainer from Phoenix, Arizona. Catch his exclusive interview with FitBudd as he gets up close and personal about his fitness inspiration, journey, tips for other personal trainers, and more!

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Derek Noble's Journey To 3 Fitness Apps & More | Bonus Tips For Personal Trainers

Meet Derek Noble, a certified personal trainer from Phoenix, Arizona. 

From competing in bodybuilding contests to getting fit, Derek offers all types of fitness coaching services tailored to your goals. 

He founded Noble Nutrition, his online Fitness App, built to sculpt the perfect physique for his clients. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Derek in the sixth episode of Outside The Gym. We got up close and personal about his fitness journey, his expertise in bodybuilding, and how he's about to launch his third fitness trainer app with FitBudd.

The Starting of Derek’s Fitness Journey 

“How did you get your fitness journey started?”

“My fitness journey started way back when I was in high school. 

So I had lost almost 100 pounds. I was following a really strict keto diet which is really popular now, but 10 years ago, it wasn't.

So when I got into that, I started to learn the ins and outs of the science behind nutrition and training.

I was really good at science. I did really well in my bio class, my anatomy class. I did well in my chemistry classes, so I was very scientifically inclined, and I performed well in all these honored science classes.

Then I took this talent and I started investing my time into studying and developing methods to help myself.

So yeah, I really spent a lot of my time kind of like getting everything together, learning how to do this, testing different methods, like learning what works best.

And that's when the love for fitness sparked!” 

“Did you face any challenges while following the Keto Diet?”

“Yeah, so I noticed that I was low energy for a lot of the time, and it was kind of like really restricted foods.

So after I started really experimenting with different diets and kind of everything that we needed to put in place in order to lose weight, I figured out a couple of different methods, and keto works for a lot of people who don't really have self-control, or they're really big on like steaks and meats and that kind of stuff and don't really care for carbs, but it just depends on the client that I'm working with this time.

The side effects were hunger and tiredness all the time.” 

“Who has been your fitness inspiration or your role model?” 

“My fitness inspiration was the other kids. I was always a heavier kid in high school, and I was always jealous of the other kids that were super ripped and had bigger muscles. 

They were getting all the girls in school, and I was just like a really fat kid. Then, I lost all this weight, and I was just a really skinny kid.

So, I went from being way too overweight to way too skinny, and I was like, man, can I just look like that guy over there. That guy just works out, and he gets all the girls, and I don't, so that was my inspiration to really start figuring out how to do this.

Now, when I look back, it's like, all the kids used to give me a hard time in high school for being overweight or being small, or not being able to even squat. 

And now they look up to me, and they reach out to me, and they're like, oh man, you look great and everything. And I'm like, yeah, because I had to work for it and I had to learn how to do it.”

“What is your area of expertise?”

“I work with two different types of people.

I work with guys who want to be competitive bodybuilders. I put them through their peak weeks and all this crazy different type of training. 

I really work well with those guys that have that kind of long-term goal of competing in the professional world of bodybuilding. 

But I also coach people who are overweight and who are willing to do anything to lose weight and do any sort of diet and work their asses off every single day to achieve their desired weight. 

So, I really work well with people who will do whatever it takes, and they are the ones that see results within a matter of weeks.” 

Derek’s Successful Journey with FitBudd

“How were you managing your clients before FitBudd?” 

“I originally started with spreadsheets and google sheets and then progressed to an online platform.

But after about a year of using that online platform, I started facing tech-related issues. The platform started to lag, and I failed to upload the files properly to client accounts. 

So then I switched to FitBudd

It was definitely a challenge to move about 100 clients, 100 programs, 100 diets to a different platform. But the feedback was resoundingly positive from all the clients that I had worked with.

So they went from using this app that wasn't even native really (it was just kind of a white label, and you would just be able to download the icon) to having an application where they actually believed that this was something that I paid for to upload to the app store. So, much smoother and much cleaner, much easier to use.

Like even my marketing team that had worked before, like the guy that owns the marketing team was an app developer, and he was like, oh who built this for you? He was like it looks like it's a native app and it was very impressive.

So I mean the fact that they didn't know that I was able to do this without a single setup fee, and it's not that expensive at all to use, it is worth every penny.

In fact, we're working on our third application to get published. 

So, after these three apps, we are going to try for five and have five different companies, five different niches, and scale from there. 

I am definitely a huge fan of the app!”

“What according to you is a USP of using FitBudd?” 

“The fact that it's completely white labeled. 

All my clients believe that I have a team of developers on which I spend fifty thousand dollars on getting things done. 

This is my third application, and there's not a single person that has questioned it since day one.

And the fact that I can reach out to FitBudd, through the chat system and get anything resolved. As you guys are in a different timezone, the problem gets resolved overnight, which is amazing. 

Also, the fact that it's just so native and it flows so well, and has a very impressive user interface is such an impressive thing from a trainer's point of view and is definitely the best USP so far.” 

Special: Derek’s Tip for Personal Trainers

“What will be the one piece of advice you would like to give to other trainers related to using an app?” 

“I would say, keep all your communications through the application as it's super easy and quick. 

You now no longer have to send messages through Instagram, Email, or text messages. 

Everything is covered in the application, and now you can easily focus on improving the training process, nutrition, clients' needs, etc. 

The app becomes your workspace, and your clients get a hold of you the fastest, and you can set your hours as well.”

#Bonus Tip

Treat every one of your clients like they're the only client and there are no other clients that you work with.

You will then have better retention rates than anybody else in the industry! 

Focus on keeping your clients happy and communicate with them well. Message every client of yours regularly as it will make them feel that you care about them.

Motivating Clients in a Remote Setup

“Since most of your clients are online, how do you keep them motivated in a remote setup?”

“Anytime, when my clients are down with one pound, or two pounds, or maybe even half a pound, I message them personally and celebrate it with them to get them excited about it too! 

Any sort of progress, even if it’s small, is worth celebrating. A client losing half a pound may not be a big deal for you, but for them, it’s a very big deal. 

Everything is worth celebrating with a client.

It's about their success. They're taking steps towards a goal, celebrate that goal, celebrate their success!

I also post my clients' transformation over social media, like I just posted one client, his name is Lance, and he has gotten rid of his love handles and has got like a six-pack because he is getting ready for a show. So, from an average-looking guy to a model-like body is a crazy transformation. 

So, I screenshot his first week to fifth-week transition using the FitBudd App by taking a screenshot which you can see side to side and then tag him. 

The client gets all the recognition he wants, and he can repost for his audience or followers to see his transformation.” 

Derek’s Daily Source of Motivation 

“Do you have any inspirational fitness quote or a movie that motivates you and is close to your heart?” 

“So, it is a quote by Eric Thomas and it says, 

'When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.'

And to me, what that means is that it doesn't matter what you want to do; if you want to get it done, you're going to get it done.

It’s like, do you want to lose weight? If the answer is yes, there is no room to not follow the diet, or not do cardio. 

If you want to make this happen, you can make it happen.

So, when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you're going to be successful.

But you gotta pour everything into it.

It's inspirational. It's motivational.”

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We'll be coming up with more success stories like this one soon, so stay tuned!

Watch the full interview below to hear what Derek has in store for you!

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