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Do It Now. Sometimes 'Later' Becomes 'Never' - Fitbudd

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Chayan Garg

Arnie says Do It Now. Sometimes 'Later' Becomes 'Never'. Read on to find out the successful journey of Arnie of reaching the desired health goals.

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Do It Now. Sometimes 'Later' Becomes 'Never' - Fitbudd

Meet Arnas Liaukus, a Uxbridge-based fitness trainer and international fitness presenter.

He is a postnatal recovery, strength training, sports massage, calisthenics, and plyometrics expert with over 18 years of experience in the fitness business.

Arnie built ArnieXtudio, his online fitness app, to offer remote clients a variety of workouts and dietary suggestions tailored to their specific needs.

In the ninth episode of Outside The Gym, we had the pleasure of speaking with Arnie. We learned how he got to where he is now and what tips and methods will assist others to begin their fitness journey!

Arnie’s Fitness Journey 

“How did you get your fitness journey started?”

“When I was younger, my favorite sport to play was track and field.

I started running, jumping, and triple-jumping in my early years. I did that for a few years and also participated in a few competitions.

The competitive atmosphere helped me to build up the frame that would eventually win me many bodybuilding competitions as well!

But one day, a coach came to me and said that I would probably fit in with the competition, but for me, it was clear that bodybuilding isn’t my thing as I was in track and field. But then I started hitting the gym and started training, and that kind of grew on me. 

My coach provided all of the resources - from training seven days per week, including posing practice, as well as nutrition advice. And now, not only do I compete but also win awards in the bodybuilding segment. 

When I first started bodybuilding, the competitions were more classic and focused on men's fitness. Though, it was important for me to have aesthetics - even if they are the healthier side of things!

So, I was a competitive bodybuilder for five years, and during that time I won multiple national championships. I also got an opportunity to go to the World Junior Championship at that time and was motivated and all set to rock and roll and even stood fourth position which was great at that time. 

Then I also got invited to the most prestigious world Championship which was held in Spain, and that was IFBB (International Federation Of Bodybuilding & Fitness)."

A Turning Point 

“I came 14th when I participated in the IFBB, and I was really sad because even after training for five years, I just pretty much came at the bottom. 

But this whole process gave me an understanding that it's just not about winning. 

Instead, what really matters is inspiring others, and this whole experience has helped turn things around for me! 

And then, I started studying nutrition & bodybuilding and started to coach newbies who were just getting started for the competitions at the same time.

I did not want people making mistakes that I made in the past, and before even knowing it, I became a personal trainer who was inspiring everyone and turned it into a coaching business!”

88% trainers worldwide gave us 5 stars

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Arnie’s Fitness Inspiration 

“Who has been your fitness inspiration or your role model?” 

"I can't help but think back to the 80s and 90's when Arnold Schwarzenegger & Ronnie Coleman were at their peak. 

We all had these old school gyms with Ronnie & Arnold’s pictures all around in the gym. So, I think it wasn’t like an inspiration from one particular person, it was just how people can do this achievement with their own bodies which came as a motivation to me! 

The pictures in the gym motivated a lot of people at that time but I don't really have a specific person to kind of follow."

Arnie’s Thoughts on Weight Training 

“So, the way I coach people is different for every single person. 

You can't apply the same routine or template and expect it will work for everyone because we all have our own personalities, our own set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses that need to be nurtured in order for us to grow as individuals. 

To me, it's important to find out what they want and what they are trying to achieve. And then helping them achieve their goal and make them follow that path. 

I can actually adjust what they want, whether it's strength training, whether it's cardio training, whether they are competing in competitions, and it's just a technique that needs improvement."

“Is it possible to build muscle through Yoga?”

“There are lots of things going on about yoga, and a lot of Yogi people won’t agree with it as well, but yoga does build muscle if it's done correctly. 

There are different kinds of yoga, that includes meditation, Yin Yoga, and freestyle fitness yoga. I personally teach freestyle fitness yoga, which is a bit more dynamic in nature. 

Yoga can definitely build muscle as it loads your body's own muscles, and you are moving in an active dynamic state. Also, it helps you improve your flexibility and mobility, which is a bonus.”

88% trainers worldwide gave us 5 stars

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“Do you take more in-person clients or more online clients?”

“I'm currently taking more in-person clients. 

I do prefer face-to-face clients as it's always great when we can get in-person to truly connect. I don’t think I will ever drop face-to-face clients.

I think the lockdown changed most of the people in their exercise approach or how we train at home, and you know, previously, it was just one option.

So I saw this gap in the market and decided to go to people's houses for workout sessions. I also had my online squad ready, and during the process, I came across FitBudd. 

And then we started developing the app, which is actually taking off pretty well, and because of the app, I can see the clients building as well. 

My aim is to have the online community growing along with the in-person clients.”

Arnie’s Successful Journey With FitBudd

“How were you managing your clients before FitBudd?” 

“Before FitBudd, all the nutrition programs and workout plans were managed through Excel and PDF. 

I basically created the template for myself that calculated everything. 

So for example, if I add chicken, the calculations of macros, calories, and everything would show up. The program was easy to use but was a time-consuming process. 

The number of hours spent on Excel sheets & pdf prints was enormous.

For the bookings, I used to do it manually through google calendar and calendly. To be fair it was a nightmare at that time because you still had different software that weren’t talking to each other. 

And about three years ago, I went paperless! I no longer use any printouts. 

I started with using a reusable notepad, so you can wipe it and erase it but now we're going completely digital. 

And when FitBudd came into my life, everything became super easy!” 

“What according to you is the USP of using FitBudd?” 

“I think it's the ease of use.  

There is no confusion at all. You open the app, and you automatically know what's your exercise for today and what do you have to eat for the day. 

There is no overcomplicated stuff wherein there are too many things happening which makes you feel lost in the app. 

Also, I have pretty much tried every single app in the market, but even the feedback from my clients is that the FitBudd App is easy to use, and I think it's a great unique selling point.”

88% trainers worldwide gave us 5 stars

Transform your fitness business with the power of your
branded app on iOS and Android.

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Arnie’s Source of Motivation 

“Do you have any inspirational fitness quote or a movie that motivates you and is close to your heart?” 

“So I always went by the quote which is, 

‘Do It Now. Sometimes 'Later' Becomes Never.

When people say, ‘I'm a bit tired’ or ‘I've got something today', or ‘I'll do it tomorrow’

The 'later' then becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes the next day. 

And the next day becomes never! 

So, I apply the same principle to every single client as well. 

When you do something, you should be proud of it because if you don’t do it, or you push it for later, later then it becomes pretty much a failure. 

Also, there is a video that acts as a motivation wherein the coach trains the Rugby team, and where he blindfolds one of the players (the captain) of the team and makes him go above his limits.

That video shows the skills of a coach and how when you say, I can’t do it anymore, but your mind says, you can take it to the next level, and that is when the magic happens!”

Link to the video: Motivational Coach Teaches How to Overcome Our Limits!

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