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Find out how Shruthi Reddy took her dance studio to the next level with FitBudd

Written by
Sangeet Thakur

Learn how FitBudd helped Shruthi to take her dance studio online and scale it exponentially

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Find out how Shruthi Reddy took her dance studio to the next level with FitBudd


Shruthi Reddy, a gifted Bollywood dancer, choreographer, and dance-fitness instructor, began her dance journey at three and has been an athlete for most of her life. She teaches at corporate facilities, gyms, and studios, firmly believing that dance is a medium for expressing one's spirit and connecting with others. Dance workouts seamlessly merge her dual passions for dance and fitness.

Shruthi maintains that prioritizing health is essential. She stresses the significance of understanding our bodies, recognizing their needs, and addressing them to achieve optimal physical health and overall well-being.

Shruthi's philosophy revolves around creating balance in life through a holistic approach to health. She advocates that no single method suits everyone; individuals should adopt tailored strategies based on their unique needs and objectives.

Shruthi's Experience in Her Own Words

"I am incredibly grateful for introducing your platform into my life. It has touched me on many levels, as I have been nurturing this dream for years. Having the opportunity to launch my app and serve my community in the way I envisioned is beyond words. My dream is truly becoming a reality."

Elevate Your Online Dance & Fitness Business

Shruthi’s inspiring journey provides the perfect example for those aspiring to elevate their dance business.

So, how did she successfully transform her passion into a flourishing enterprise?

Initially, she harnessed technology's potential, creating a branded app accessible from any device. This limitless connectivity paved the way for unparalleled success and boundless achievements!

With FitBudd, Shruthi can upload videos from various sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or her personal files, creating an online app accessible to people worldwide who wish to join her classes.

She can also customize videos for different intensity levels, accommodating participants of all ages and skill levels.

Moreover, FitBudd's tracking feature allows her to monitor each user's progress as they complete their workouts. It empowers individuals to evaluate and compare their performance over time, highlighting their improvements and achievements.

Furthermore, she can craft custom video playlists from the comfort of her home, featuring her favorite music selections to keep everyone energized and motivated during their routines.

Finally, she can offer incentives such as discounts or complimentary classes when her users reach specific milestones through engagement with her app. By leveraging FitBudd's entire wide of features, Shruthi has elevated her dance fitness experience and developed an interactive online platform that enables individuals from around the globe to participate in her classes.

A Comprehensive Personal Coaching App - FitBudd

So, what are you waiting for? 

Showcase your expertise and deliver an enriched training experience with FitBudd! Our 1-on-1 video chat feature enables dance trainers to provide tailored content at no additional cost. Utilize the extra time for meaningful Q&A sessions, similar to a traditional studio setting, where knowledge exchange occurs organically.

Upgrade your online presence today by signing up for FitBudd – prepare to elevate your business to unprecedented heights!

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