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How Coach Meha Jivan Doubled Her Fitness Business using FitBudd

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Sangeet Thakur

Fitness entrepreneur, coach, and personal trainer- Meha Jivan shares her story of achieving an ideal work-life balance by leveraging technology. Find out what led to this change in her life and how she executes fitness coaching lessons with the power of her own branded iOS and android app.

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How Coach Meha Jivan Doubled Her Fitness Business using FitBudd

In just a few months, Coach Meha has doubled her fitness business with FitBudd. And she's well on track to outdo her targets for the year.

All thanks to her effective use of technology, mainly how she fully customized her branded apps on iOS and Android. With FitBudd, Meha is now managing her business more efficiently, connecting with new prospects, and, most importantly, delivering outstanding results for her clients.

Based in the UK, Meha is a mother of two adorable kids and has tons of experience as a personal trainer. However, her journey to success with FitBudd began only recently when she fully realized the challenges she was facing with her business. With a growing client base and more demands on her time, Meha knew she needed to find a way to work smarter, not harder.

Her Journey to Success 

Former investment banker turned trainer, Coach Meha faced prejudice at the start of her career.

She was determined since the beginning to dispose of the preconceived notion of mothers not being able to run a successful business.

With a career and family to juggle, Coach Meha had her hands full. As a personal trainer, she had to dedicate much of her time to managing and onboarding new potential clients and training them right. 

Another conflict Coach Meha faced was people's presumption of personal trainers as only "weight loss" coaches. Meha wanted to bring holistic betterment to her clients. She was determined to cater to her clients' needs. She often struggled due to time and tool restraints. 

Meha had the constant support of her family at every turn, but even then, she was aware that she lacked a well-functioning system. The change was overdue.

Coach Meha's Solution to Time and Tool Restraints

With FitBudd, Meha could create a system for herself that worked like a well-oiled machine. The numerous tools and features provided by the FitBudd platform have helped her streamline the business. 

Long gone are the days when she spent her time updating spreadsheets and managing clients. With FitBudd's easy and manageable onboarding features, she has enough time to spend with her family and create unique workout plans (in no time) focusing on physical and mental development.

Meha's business has been booming since she implemented FitBudd.

How did FitBudd Benefit Coach Meha?

Apart from saving precious hours, another significant change that Meha noticed after switching to FitBudd was the personal connections she could now build with her clients. The in-built video calling and messaging features provided her with excellent assistance.

The app's feature-packed dashboard made her more organized and systematic, saving her ample time. 

FitBudd proved to be a valuable tool for Coach Meha. She was able to use it to track her clients' progress, manage appointments, and create customized workout programs and whatnot! 

She grew her business by 2X and reached a wider audience with the help of these tools in her arsenal. 

Coach Meha finishes by saying how happy she feels about maintaining the perfect work/life balance now, all thanks to this new tech solution called "FitBudd.”

Meha's One Piece of Advice That Will Help You Expand Your Fitness Business!

"I am not so organized. FitBudd helped me get organized. So the advice would be, find what you struggle with and then go and find somebody who will help you with it."

Take Your Business To The Next Level Like Coach Meha with FitBudd!

Coach Meha has taken this trend one step further by creating an app that will allow anyone - no matter where they live or what device they use - to work out alongside her.

This is the future of personal training, and Coach Meha is leading the way. She has proven to naysayers that mothers are more than capable of running a successful business. 

We hope Coach Meha's story inspires you and gives you an insight into her journey.

If you're ready to take your fitness business to the next level, sign up for FitBudd now by filling up the form below! We can't wait to help you reach your fitness business goals ASAP!

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