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Learn How Meha Jivan Accelerated Her Nutrition Business’s Growth With FitBudd

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Apra Pathak

Meha Jivan is a nutrition and personal training coach. Learn how she built her nutrition coaching business and reached new heights with the help of FitBudd.

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Learn How Meha Jivan Accelerated Her Nutrition Business’s Growth With FitBudd


Meha Jivan is a nutrition and personal training coach. She has always had an affinity for food and often creates new and fun recipes that are healthy yet palatable.

She believes that we are at our healthiest when we care for our physical and mental health. So when it’s about losing weight, she gives particular importance to food and one’s relationship with it.

“For me, it's not just about losing weight but the energy and how you feel whilst losing weight.” - Meha Jivan

With this mission statement, Meha launched her nutrition and coaching business.

Path to Finding FitBudd

As Meha’s training approach significantly involved nutrition training, she was constantly in search of a platform that could help her achieve her goals.

She came across many personal trainer software with numerous fitness coaching features, but they often lacked the tools Meha required for comprehensive nutrition coaching.

This was the case until she found FitBudd.

Using FitBudd's cutting-edge technology, Meha was able to take her online nutrition and fitness coaching business to the next level and beyond borders.

Mog Fitness, her nutrition and personal training brand, was a success right off the bat.

Meha leveraged the customizable meal-plan templates and nutrition-tracking features to provide a professional coaching experience for her clients effortlessly.

The check-in and tracking features helped Meha track her clients’ progress and food intake regularly. She then modified their plans according to the data available to her. This personalized approach made a huge difference to her success!

Meha understood that each individual has unique needs when it comes to training and, therefore, was always keen to listen to her clients and their opinions.

With an array of compelling communication features like in-app messaging and video calling, she's been able to foster a strong bond with her client and help them stay connected with their fitness goals.

Adhering to her mantra of "holistic betterment," she sought FitBudd as the perfect solution for achieving a healthier work-life balance. Its dynamic tools and features saved her valuable time and energy, allowing her to prioritize other essential pursuits in life.

Growing With FitBudd

As Meha found the right tools for her fitness and nutrition business, she could provide more personalized care to her clients.

She even found a way to monetize her healthy-yet-tasty innovative recipes by uploading them on FitBudd.

Over the years, she has onboarded multiple clients onto her app and grown her business exponentially.

She believes an important factor behind her success is the vast range of features available on FitBudd and the opportunity to express herself through her branded app and website.

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Take Your Nutrition Coaching Business To The Next Level

Meha turned her vision of successful entrepreneurship through her nutrition coaching business into a reality, and so can you.

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