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Fitness Challenges to Achieve your Client Fitness Goals [Free E-book]

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Chayan Garg

A fitness challenge is a new way to attract new customers and motivate and inspire current ones. If done correctly, it could greatly expand the customer retention market.

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Fitness Challenges to Achieve your Client Fitness Goals [Free E-book]

Are you seeking innovative ways to attract new clients, inspire and encourage current ones, and improve client retention?

A fitness challenge is an excellent way to accomplish all of these objectives.

Everyone enjoys a good challenge, and if done correctly, fitness challenges may significantly increase your clientele.

You ask how?

  • People are more willing to participate in challenges because they are shorter in duration.
  • More people are able to stay disciplined and motivated since goals are easier to achieve.
  • As a result of more people successfully completing the challenge, they stick around for future challenges or establish a fitness habit, and therefore continue with your fitness training programs.

This blog will give you an overview of some popular types of fitness challenges that you can get started with right away!

30 Day Run Challenge

One of the best offline or virtual fitness challenges you can conduct for your clients is the 30 Day Run Challenge. It's simple, effective, and works for all levels.

The challenge will be to run certain miles every day for 30 days. Clients can start slow and increase the distance or speed each week until they reach their goal.

You can change this challenge to a 30-day walk, hike, or bike ride if running doesn’t work for someone.

To make this challenge even more effective, you can have participants of similar fitness levels compete against each other to see who can run the farthest each day!

21 Day Clean Eating Challenge

With the multitude of diets, supplements, and meal plans out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wander off course. But with a Healthy Eating Challenge, you’re ensuring that your clients will stay on track during their 21-day journey towards accomplishing their fitness goals.

You can enhance your participant's diet by creating a nutrition program that includes healthy weekly meals and snacks that are low in sugar, processed foods, and saturated fats during the challenge.

The 21-Day Dairy-Free Challenge, 21-Day Keto Challenge, and 7-Day No Junk Food Challenge are wonderful examples!

You may even combine this with an easy workout challenge for those participants who are eager to push themselves farther. Simply make sure that the client's body is capable of adapting to changes in nutrition and exercise.

5 Day Zumba Challenge

The Zumba program is a great option for any age group, any gender, those beginning their fitness journey, and those looking to switch their workout routines.

And with no equipment required, it’s the perfect class for both seasoned exercisers and newcomers to Zumba!

The goal of this challenge is to help build and tone muscle, burn calories, and increase overall healthiness.

The 5-day challenge can include a vigorous 30-minute workout routine each day for clients to experience the Zumba universe. After 5 days, you can encourage participants to enroll for a longer duration and maintain their active routine.

30 Day Push-up Challenge

Push-ups are an excellent exercise for strengthening and toning the upper body.

As with most exercises, doing them every day can lead to faster results.

The 30 Day Push-up Challenge is similar to the 30 Day Run Challenge in that you increase the number of push-ups every few days until you reach your goal.

This could be 20 push-ups in a row or 50 total push-ups in a day, depending upon the fitness level of the client.

7 Day Plank Challenge

Successfully doing a plank is a favorite challenge enjoyed by many clients across different fitness levels.

Your clients can start with one set of 10 seconds planks and work their way up to the maximum time they can hold it during the 7 days. The idea is to stay in this position without faltering.

There are many benefits to doing this challenge, such as:

1) Work out the core – Planking is a complete workout for core muscles. Planking engages your entire core, which is great for balance and stability as well as improving posture and helping you get a flat stomach. When combined with another fitness challenge or regime, it can help boost results from the workouts.

2) Strengthens the back – Holding a plank strengthens back muscles which help prevent injury from lifting or other strenuous activities. In addition, it also helps build muscle.

3) Enhances mood – Planking releases endorphins which make you feel happier. Pushing yourself to hold the position for a longer duration can make you feel even better!

Fun tips: To make this challenge a little more challenging, you can also plan a“ 7-Day Plank Challenge With Weights” or keep a group competition for that community spirit.

Before you go for that fitness challenge!

No matter where you are, there's an easy way to get fit. And a fitness challenge is a fun and rewarding approach to getting your clients moving and jacked.

When it comes to health and wellness, staying motivated can be challenging for some people. This is why online fitness challenges and competitions among members are effective in helping them reach their personal health goals.

To make it even more easier, we have made a step by step guide that will help you plan a fitness challenge. To know more about Online Fitness Challenges, click here: 7 Steps Online Fitness Challenges

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