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Here's How Chef Yadiyah Reached The 6-Figure Mark In Just 18 Days With His Nutrition Coaching Business

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Apra Pathak

Finding the right software for nutrition and fitness training was hard but with FitBudd, Yadiyah Letellier took his nutrition coaching business to the next level. Read more.

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Here's How Chef Yadiyah Reached The 6-Figure Mark In Just 18 Days With His Nutrition Coaching Business


Fitness and food have always been two major parts of Yadiyah’s life. As a collegiate athlete and culinary school student, Yadiyah would regularly focus on proper nourishment to perform his best on the grounds.

This is what led him to the path of teaching his students the importance of nutrition and healthy eating for optimum fitness levels.

As a professional Chef and a nutritionist, Yadiyah was ready to take on the fitness and health industry.

Path To Finding FitBudd

Yadiyah spent a lot of time searching for the perfect platform for his coaching services, but to his dismay, none of the platforms performed up to his expectations.

After two years of app-hunting from LA to NY, Yadiyah found FitBudd, a platform that, in his words, “makes it simple to brand yourself and get your services out there.”

Through  Body By Chef, his completely customizable and personalized app, Yadiyah created a successful business for himself right off the bat.

He even invested his time in attending FitBudd’s Webinars on business growth and managed to increase his earnings up to the 6-figure mark within just 2 weeks.

Upon asking about the most valuable lesson he learned from the webinars, Yadiyah replied, “Finding your niche. If you focus on one section or one group of people, you can work on creating programs catered to their specific needs, which will make them stay with you for a longer period of time.”

Benefits Of FitBudd

With a clear aim in mind, Yadiyah focused on nutrition coaching for his clients. FitBudd provided him with 100+ features that he used to his benefit.

He found it super convenient to create meal plans through customizable and pre-made templates.

For Yadiyah, being able to upload his own videos has been the most useful feature.

His clients can follow along with the recipes easily and with minimum scope of error.

Nutrition coaching has been super easy with the in-app food logging and progress tracking features. With the state-of-the-art Bar Code Scanner, his clients can easily update him on their dietary intake.

People from around the globe can find his services online and train with him.

Yadiyah has made his mark on the health and fitness industry by putting his app and business out there.

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