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Help Your Clients Stick To Their Fitness Resolutions In The New Year

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Chayan Garg

New Year fitness resolutions are a nice way to keep yourself motivated and accountable, but few ones can actually follow them. Here are a few tips for keeping them.

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Help Your Clients Stick To Their Fitness Resolutions In The New Year

It's that time of year again! As New Year's Eve approaches, many people pledge to make a change in their lives.

Forming 'New Year's Resolutions' are a tradition followed by many individuals around the globe.

In a report, Sundried stated that "Research shows that 95% of New Year's Resolutions are fitness related, but after just 3 months, only 10% of people think their resolution will last."

This means many of your potential clients have decided that they want to start a new chapter in their lives. Whether it is switching to a healthier diet, a new exercise routine, going on a juice cleanse or getting into shape by joining the gym or even something as simple as taking up a new hobby. It can be anything, as long as it is new and challenging for the client.

While resolutions are a great way to keep oneself accountable and motivated for the upcoming year, but maintaining them in the long term is something only few people can do.

What if we tell you that you can help your clients stick to their new year fitness resolutions?

In this blog post, we will go over some tips for successfully handling New Year’s Resolution Clients so that everyone has an opportunity for success!

Set realistic expectations before New Year's Eve

As a fitness trainer, setting realistic targets from the first day is crucial. This is because many resolutioners tend to keep unrealistic goals in the beginning and on not being able to achieve them in the course of time they lose the will to continue. Thus, it is your responsibility to help your clients determine an achievable goal and the practical way to accomplish it.

Setting realistic targets will help your fitness services or business to flourish as it is the best way for clients, establish trust in one another. When you provide a service that can be trusted then people are more likely to stay on track in the future.

Bonus tip: Have a plan ready so that you can communicate what your client is getting into. Make sure it's something they are willing and able to do. Be realistic!

Educate your New Year resolution clients

The clients you work with after the new year's celebrations are over might not know much about health & wellness habits so make sure they know what is in store for them!

Connect, talk, and give them a chance to get used to their new way of living. It's okay if there is one slip up here or there, just educate them about the good practices that will help them prioritize health.

Let your clients know that this coming year should be all about moderation and balance. Going "all-in" will only end in burnout or failure, so make sure to stress the importance of pacing and being realistic at the same time.

Giving your client new goals and challenges

As the New Year's holiday progresses some people may become demotivated or lose the hopes to continue with their fitness resolutions.

This is where giving them new fun workout plans, group challenges, or short-term goals can be very beneficial.

If they’re struggling with workouts, suggest them to try a new type of exercise or workout with their friends. If they’re struggling to stick to their diet, give them some new recipes or ideas for delicious yet healthy meals. You can even host or refer them to a fitness event.

By providing your clients with new goals and challenges, you are keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the entire process!

Be honest but encouraging

If your client is not feeling well, performing poorly in their daily workouts, or unable to keep up with the fitness routine, talking to them about it is a good idea.

Talking about their slow progress and the reasons behind it will them both of you find valuable solutions. Just make sure you say it nicely and with good intentions. Always try to be encouraging and positive. Nobody wants to feel like they're being judged or that they're not good enough.

End the workout on a positive note. You wouldn't want to book an appointment that you don't feel good about, right? So never end it with negativity. While talking to them, let your client know that they can do better and leave them feeling empowered.

Keeping track of progress

Another important aspect of helping your clients stick to their resolutions is keeping track of their progress. This could involve setting up weekly or monthly check-ins, providing them with tracking sheets, sending them occasional reminders or simply encouraging them to keep a journal.

This becomes a lot easier with FitBudd as we have a clean dashboard through which you can track the progress of your clients easily.

This is an excellent way of helping your client understand where they are in their fitness journey, as well as holding them accountable for the things that have accomplished so far.

Tracking your client's progress acts as a visual representation of how far your clients have come!

Motivating clients and celebrating success

One of the best ways to motivate your clients is by celebrating their successes. Even if it's just a small victory, be sure to acknowledge and celebrate it.

This will encourage your clients to continue with their resolution beyond January, as well as hold them accountable for the things they have accomplished.

Such tiny celebrations are a great way to build rapport and create a positive relationship with your client and motivate them for the long term.

Bonus tip: Give your client a “reward” to help them achieve their goal. If you take on new clients at the beginning of January, consider giving your client a small gift that will motivate and inspire them. For example, if they do a workout with you for straight 21 days, give them a gift card to their favourite local restaurant, or a discount as an incentive to continue their subscription.

Are you ready to train clients after the new year's holiday?

If you’re a personal trainer, fitness coach, or nutritionist, this can be an especially lucrative time of the year. However, it’s important to remember that not all clients are the same. Some may be more motivated and willing to stick to their resolutions than others.

Unfortunately for most people, the New Year's resolutions often fade away after only two months into the year. This is why it’s important to have a game plan for how you will manage your New Year’s resolution clients. These tips will help make the process smoother for both you and your clients.

But the truth is that no matter what the resolution is, it takes effort and commitment to achieve success.

New year's is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming one. It's also a great opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be. For many people, this includes celebrating their success in sticking to their New Year's resolutions.

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