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Post Workout Protein Shake Recipes for Muscle Gain

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These are some of the best protein shakes that aid your muscle-building process. Protein is integral to building muscles, so include it in your daily routine and see your body transform. 

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Post Workout Protein Shake Recipes for Muscle Gain

Protein shakes are the best for gaining muscles - Ask any fitness expert or a gym trainer, and they would agree. One full glass of protein shake in the morning nourishes your body with the necessary protein quantities.  According to fitness experts, protein is one of the most important factors in muscle building.

It may surprise you, but almost all whey proteins are bland and have no taste of their own So if you're keen to opt for a protein diet, check out these protein shake recipes that add flavor and pack adequate amounts of protein and nutrients to your regular post-workout shakes:

1. Grasshopper Shake Recipe

The Grasshopper shake is one of the best after-workout shakes. The milk and the chocolate protein powder blend packs necessary protein, while the unsweetened cocoa powder gives a nutty flavor, and the mint syrup soothes you.

2. Pistachio Spinach Shake Recipe

It's one of the best shakes for you if you struggle to maintain your blood sugar levels. A nutty alternative, this pistachio spinach shake keeps your blood sugar in check and rebuilds muscles. The pistachios, almonds, and vanilla protein powder gives requisite protein to the body, while spinach brings in vital vitamins and minerals.

3. Pumpkin pie Shake Recipe

It's counted amongst the best post-workout protein shakes since the pumpkin puree gives you the necessary flavor while the whey protein provides the required protein dose. The ripe banana and almond milk added to the shake provide instant energy.

4. Cherry Vanilla Shake Recipe

The idea behind having a post-workout shake is to energize you and provide adequate amounts of protein, and this cherry vanilla shake does precisely that. Add your favorite protein powder, fresh cherries, almond milk, and honey to the blender and savor the shake.

5. Apple Pie Shake Recipe

Having an apple in the morning has merits; if you add cinnamon, there is nothing like it. Besides giving the shake an exciting flavor, they also help you lose weight. The apple pie shake blends the right amounts of vanilla protein powder, bananas, yogurt, and milk and gives you an excellent post-workout shake packed with proteins.

6. Almond Coconut Shake Recipe

Are you looking for a coconut flavor in your protein shake after a workout? Well, here it is. This almond coconut shake blends coconut milk, almond butter, chocolate protein powder, and ice in perfect proportions giving you a healthy, tasty, and filling protein shake.

7. Almond Walnut Shake Recipe

What makes this almond walnut shake one of the best post-workout shakes is its ability to keep you energized throughout the day and build muscle. All you have to do is soak the almonds overnight and blend them with milk and your choice of protein powder the next day. Have it daily or alternate for a month, and you will start seeing positive results.

8. Banana Nut Shake Recipe

Bananas are a healthy alternative to other fruits and provide an instant boost in energy levels. Combine them with nuts (like peanuts, walnuts, or almonds) and your favorite post-workout protein powder to make a nice banana nut shake. The shake, when consumed daily, can replenish your nutrients and electrolytes and aid in muscle building.

9. High Protein Cheesecake Shake Recipe

Give your body a protein cheesecake shake in the morning and get at least 12% protein almost daily. Blend cheesecake, protein powder, berries, almond milk, and yogurt and have a protein-loaded shake. Regularly consuming this shake provides beneficial bacteria for your gut and intake complete amino acids and calcium in the right proportions.

10. Gingerbread Cookie Shake Recipe

Cookies in a post-workout shake sound weird, correct? But this gingerbread cookie shake is worth it as the whey protein helps speed up your muscle recovery, cloves and cinnamon regulates your blood sugar levels, metabolizes fats and carbs, etc.

Crush gingerbread cookies to blend with milk, vanilla ice cream, protein powder, cinnamon, molasses, and ginger to make this protein shake and reap the benefits of the protein and carbs combination post your workout session.

11. Peanut Butterscotch Shake Recipe

Do you want some flavor in your after-workout shake? Try this peanut butterscotch shake, having vanilla ice cream as its base. Add butterscotch sauce, peanut butter, protein powder, and milk to the blender, and get a nice flavored protein shake daily in the morning.

12. Chocolate peanut butter Shake Recipe

There’s hardly any individual who doesn’t like chocolates, but too much of everything is harmful. So, make this chocolate peanut butter shake a part of your morning routine and give your body the right blend of monounsaturated fat, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, maintaining your body healthy.

The base for the shake is chocolate ice cream, with milk, chocolate protein powder, creamy peanut butter, and chocolate syrup as blending ingredients. Have this chocolate peanut butter shake daily and build your muscles without losing on the chocolaty taste.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best protein shakes that aid your muscle-building process. Protein is integral to building muscles, so include it in your daily routine and see your body transform. 

What after-workout shake do you rely on to regain your strength? Connect with us on Instagram and let us know your answer and thoughts!

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