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The Power Of Your Own Fitness App: A Game Changer For Oliver

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Chayan Garg

Fitness apps are becoming more and more popular with fitness trainers who want to offer their clients the best experience possible. Like Oliver Rogers, many other fitness trainers are scaling their fitness business with the power of their own fitness app.

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The Power Of Your Own Fitness App: A Game Changer For Oliver

Meet Oliver Rogers, a personal trainer, nutritionist, and mental health coach based out of Dunstable, United Kingdom.

Whatever your fitness goal is, whether it's reducing weight, gaining muscle, or participating professionally in sports, Oliver will put in all of his effort and experience to help you along the way. 

He founded ReDiscpline to provide his clients with the convenience and flexibility of training via his own Fitness App

We had the pleasure of speaking with Oliver in the fifth episode of Outside The Gym, where he takes us through his fitness journey, discusses the shift in his role models, and sheds light on numerous coaching challenges.

He also discussed the importance of creating valuable content for social media and how FitBudd helps him stay organized when training clients.

The Starting of Oliver’s Fitness journey 

“How did you get your fitness journey started?”

“At school, I always had a love for sports and physical activity.

And I was the smallest out of all my peers. I never thought about the gym as a place that I wanted to go to, but in my later teens, there was some encouragement through friends that I ended up going to the gym. The first time I went to a gym, it was a very old-school bodybuilding-based gym. It was very dirty, and not what people perceive as a nice environment to go to. 

However, it was one of the best environments I was ever in because there was no perceived pressure on what you should do or how you should look.

It was a very welcoming environment.

So, what people usually perceived as a very intimidating environment has actually ended up being the most friendly and welcoming environment for me.” 

A Shift In Oliver’s Inspiration

“Who has been your fitness inspiration or your role model?” 

“It's more like a journey. With time, people I idolized or those who inspired me, changed throughout my whole journey.

So, anyone that I looked up to originally when I first got into the industry, they're not the people that I would idolize now. 

While being a younger boy, there were more bodybuilders or physique-based competitors that I looked up to with the idea that I'd love to look like them one day.

Seeing your own body change and take fold within the gym environment naturally, you start looking at the people that you envy and trying to see if you can look like these idols one day.

But throughout that journey, you start actually becoming what's realistically achievable as everyone is different, and no one should compare themselves to anyone else.

So then my idols became more around business and development, around psychology and how we work with a client as a coach, opposed to the people that we would see on social media, Youtube, the influencers within the space. 

The people that I would idolize when I was younger versus now are completely different.”

Relationship with Social Media and Content Creation

“How has been your journey with creating content on Social Media?” 

“So, for me, what I believe in my understanding about fitness, nutrition, and mental health now is obviously very different from when I first got into the industry. 

What I used to try and coach and tell people years ago is very different from what I tell people now, and all of that is part of learning, and as part of that learning, I became an evidence-based practitioner.

So whether it's nutrition, exercise, or psychology-related content that I put out on Social Media is referenced and backed up with an evidence-based approach. 

With that, there's lots of myth-busting and breaking down misconceptions.”

“What is your content format on Instagram currently?” 

“The easiest way for me to portray my content to people is through infographics. 

Infographics help you put bite-size pieces of information that originally worked really well as people could read information and take something away from that. 

But fundamentally, for me, as a content creator, my audience would want to share and engage with them. And originally, my audience was growing at a very rapid pace, because all of my content being infographics, was designed to be shareable.

And now, going into the second part of 2021, things changed, as they're obviously prioritizing videos. 

But I'm about to go through a change with my own content. 

So, now my content will focus on videos and me educating within those videos and going away from infographics.” 

Why Oliver Switched To FitBudd And His Experience So Far

“How were you managing your clients before FitBudd?” 

“So, before using FitBudd, I was using typical software that most PTs are aware of or use, and I probably have used every single one. 

They all perceive that you get your own app, but it's not your own app, it's their app with just your logo slapped on it, but it still says they're branding their name. 

And although many of the systems have lots of cool features, they all have their own little issues. The main issue that I found with most software is the end-user experience, which was terrible, and the clients themselves didn't want to track their workouts because they found it to be manual labor like they are entering spreadsheets constantly. 

It wasn't a smooth journey with all those platforms.

And due to this, retention for me became challenging because I'm creating all these programs and coaching people, but they're not actually wanting to use the platform.

With FitBudd, what really grasped my attention was how seamless the end-user experience was. 

It doesn’t matter what age or experience you have, whether there's an older lady in her 50 or 60s or a young tech person, they open the app and understand it straight away.

There's no explaining. I don't have to give tutorial videos explaining anything. They just get it.” 

Far higher client retention with FitBudd than any other platform purely because of the usability factor.

“What is that one thing, which you find unique about FitBudd?” 

That you actually get your Own Personal Fitness App.

It's not another branded app with your logo on it. 

It's yours, completely. 

If someone goes onto the app store or play store and searches ReDiscipline (Oliver’s app), my app comes up, and they can download the app instantly. 

It's just so much more seamless having your own app.”

Oliver’s Tip For Personal Trainers

“What is that one piece of advice that you would give to the personal trainers out there?” 

“In personal coaching, it is the end-user experience that matters. 

When you are using an Excel sheet or google docs, or using software that just manages your spreadsheets, the amount of data entry is a lot in there.

You definitely can add a link to a video demonstration on Youtube, but the client then has to click that link, go to a different platform to watch a video, and then go back to the spreadsheet to manually enter data in it.

It's a very long process, and the end-user just does not want to do all of it. It takes way too much time, too many explanations, and has a lot of potential for human error. 

There are lots of central human errors within using a spreadsheet, while with the app, everything is set. You can’t really mess with fixed templates. 

Once you've assigned the program to the client, the client opens the app, clicks on the workout section, and they start straight away. They don't have to enter data manually or anything. 

Owning an app is just so seamless.”

“Do you have an inspirational fitness quote or a video that helps you stay motivated all the time?”  

“It's actually a question that I ask myself first thing every day before I do anything. 

So, as soon as I wake up, I ask myself this one question, which is "what type of day am I going to have?"

And the reply is, “I am gonna have an epic day today”.

How we start our day is often how we perceive to proceed the rest of the day. Many people, especially here in the UK, start their day saying, "oh it's cold", "it's wet outside", or "I've got so much on today".

They start their day with so much negativity. 

Whereas I always start my day saying, "I'm gonna have an epic one."

Every day is always an epic day, and people always come to me going, "Oli, how have you got so much energy?" 

And the answer to this is simple. 

Starting your day with the right intention or a positive affirmation is very important.” 

Before You Go 

“If you could have a billboard, what would be written on it and why?”

“Build Your Future” 

“Too many people are fixated, and they want instant gratification. They're very impulsive. They want everything here and now.

But if I'm at university and studying for a degree, I can't get a degree tomorrow. It's a process. I have to study, go to the lectures, do all the assignments, and work towards that degree.

Whether it's a financial success or a weight loss journey, everything requires time and patience, and it's a process. 

So my philosophy is always to Build Your Future.

What you do today is going to help you tomorrow, opposed to trying to get everything today!”

Want to skyrocket your fitness business?

Fitness apps are becoming more and more popular with fitness trainers who want to offer their clients the best experience possible. 

Like Oliver Rogers, many other fitness trainers are scaling their fitness business with the power of their own fitness app as it allows them to be hands-free while still providing personalized workouts for each client on-demand at any time!

We'll be coming up with more success stories like this one soon, so stay tuned!

Watch the full interview below to hear what Oliver has in store for you!

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