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30 Minutes Free Workout Schedule for Trainers

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Free workouts are the best way to market your fitness business. Create the content, share it on your social media handle or a fitness app, and get people moving.

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30 Minutes Free Workout Schedule for Trainers

Do you dream of onboarding multiple clients and running a successful fitness class? Or do you want your busy clients to follow a dedicated workout plan that they can stream online from their homes?

Free workouts are the best way to market your fitness business. Create the content, share it on your social media handle or a fitness app, and get people moving.

Here is a quick 30-minute workout routine we believe your clients will appreciate. The free workout plan is rigorous, enjoyable, packs intensity, and trains every part of the body.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Squats: For Thighs - 2min

A simple body-weight exercise squats tone the lower body, especially the thighs. It strengthens the legs, burns calories, and helps shed weight. In a short burst of two minutes, do as many simple squats as possible.

Deadlift: For Hamstrings - 2min

Deadlift trains the three hamstrings muscles important for knee stabilization and running faster. The conventional deadlift stretches the hamstrings to provide peak spinal flexion muscle movement and hip flexion movement.

Do conventional deadlifts for two minutes with comfortable weights. Just ensure that you’re maintaining your form throughout the workout.

Bridge: For Glutes - 2min

The bridge exercise is simple yet very effective. It predominantly trains the glutes (butt muscles) and the hamstrings.

Begin with the bridge starting position, tighten your abdomen and glutes, raise your hips to form a straight line from your knees to shoulders, hold the position for 20 seconds, and lower the hips to get back. Repeat the exercise for two minutes.

Push-Ups: For Chest and Core - 2min

If you’re creating a 30-minute exercise routine, push-ups should be part of your regimen. Push-ups are ideal for the chest and core and engage the biceps and shoulders. Do as many regular push-ups as possible in two minutes.

Chest Press: For the Chest - 2min

Chest press tones your chest muscles. Use dumbbells or a barbell for chest press. Lie face-up on a bench, relax your spine, and press the weights from your chest toward the ceiling. Do this for 2 min with a small break after every ten reps.

Bent-Over Row: For Back and Biceps - 2min

It’s an easy workout for back muscles and biceps. You can begin the exercise by bending over a bench with one leg on and a free arm on the bench. Keep your back straight and lift the hand with the free weight toward the hip until it is slightly over horizontal. Bring back to the original position and repeat for 2 minutes.

Shoulder Press: For Shoulders - 2min

You can perform the exercise standing or seated, using free weights. Take dumbbells in each hand, keeping them at the shoulders with elbows bent. Push the weights towards the ceiling while keeping the shoulders away from the ears and bring them down to the original position. Continue for two minutes.

Cable Pull Down: For Upper Back - 2min

Use the cable pull machine and do the exercise for two minutes. Sit straight, extend your arms and grasp the bar. Pull the bar down to the chest and repeat for two minutes.

Bicycle Crunch: For Core & Abdominals - 2min

The perfect workout for abs and core, the two-minute routine will burn calories and tighten your core. Lie down with hands behind the head. Lift the head, and bring the upper body to the right while pulling the right knee towards the head.

Repeat the same for the left side.

Side Plank: For Core or Abdominals - 2min

Start on the side plank position and lift the hips higher, then to the plank, and then lower. Do this exercise for 2 minutes.

Cardiovascular Training - 10min

Use 1-minute intervals of moderate to high-intensity speed. You can use a treadmill or a bicycle for cardio. Just ensure that your body moves throughout the 10 minutes.  

Take Away

A free 30 min workout plan is a brilliant way to get your fitness training business traction. Market it as an exercise routine for beginners, tap the right audience, and the clients will follow through.

What exercise forms do you include in your workout regimen? Do you have any suggestions for adding or removing any exercise form from this free workout plan? Share your thoughts with us via our Instagram channel.

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