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4 Benefits Of Pre Recorded Exercise Videos! - Fitbudd

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Chayan Garg

Pre-recorded exercise videos are one of the best ways to promote a new fitness regimen. Here are a few advantages of video recording in the field of fitness.

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4 Benefits Of Pre Recorded Exercise Videos! - Fitbudd

One of the most effective ways to market a new fitness program is with pre-recorded exercise videos.

These videos can be used on the website, in the studio and posted to social media sites and on YouTube as well.

Pre-recorded videos can help potential clients and present clients visualize themselves completing certain moves and almost see their bodies change before they actually begin a class.

A great way to use these pre-recorded exercise videos is by having them available right on your homepage so that when people come to your site they instantly have something.

Here are some key benefits to having pre-recorded exercise videos:

Targeting different time zones

Pre Recorded video allows you to target viewers depending on their time zones to make sure they are able to watch your videos. This will give you access to a much broader audience which you might miss out on when doing live streams and will help you maximize your reach.

Bonus tip: You can also live stream during your local peak audience time and then upload the pre-recorded version later to cover other time zones.

If there are people who still can’t make it at the designated stream time, simply make your virtual event on-demand.


Pre-recorded videos will be cost-effective if you already have the tools to record the workout sessions. Live sessions are usually always more expensive than pre-recorded ones. If you're short on time or on a budget, pre-recorded sessions can save you a lot of money.


Your client even if living in Antarctica can view pre-recorded workout sessions at any time. Your clients will now no longer have an excuse to skip a workout by saying that they forgot which exercise they needed to do or that they didn't know how to do a specific exercise.

The pre-recorded exercise videos will make your client feel more comfortable when performing the exercise – and can even encourage them – because it’s possible to watch and re-watch the videos.

They can learn how to properly do the exercises without your actual presence which can save you a lot of time

Leveraging Social Media

Pre-recorded videos are exploding on social media, and many people like to see and hear people talking about workouts done practically.

Approximately 81% of consumer internet traffic is through video content, with much of it being transferred from platform to platform. One of your goals as a fitness trainer can be to deliver and maintain services and this is just another reason why pre-recorded videos should be a part of your marketing strategy.


Pre-recorded video content is a quick and easy approach to elevate your personal brand. You can now create perfect video content just the way you want it to be and no longer have to be concerned over the flaws and mistakes that happen during live sessions.

When you pre-record a workout video, you have complete control over the video. You simply need to record and then stream when you're ready to go live. You can use the pre-recorded workout video and also create personalized content and ads from it.

With FitBudd you can upload your workout videos for your clients with unlimited video uploads along with access to the pre-bundled exercise library.

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