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Personal Training Motivation | Fitness Motivation Tips

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Client motivation is key for behaviour change and results. Personal training motivation here are the Five Ways fitness motivation tips Can Boost Client Motivation.

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Personal Training Motivation | Fitness Motivation Tips

The gym is not a place for a person with a faint heart. It's filled with people who are pushing themselves to their physical limits.

And some can find this social pressure challenging or stressful, making it hard for them to keep up with their fitness goals.

As a personal trainer, engaging your clients, making them feel confident, and boosting their intrinsic motivation is a key component in ensuring their satisfaction and success.

You perhaps know how difficult it is to do so. And it gets even more challenging when you provide online personal training services to your clients.

Therefore, to be the 'right trainer' for your clients, it's essential to create an environment where you not only educate clients but also make the entire personal training process enjoyable for them. And this is what will help create lasting change in your clients fitness journey.

Here are 5 ways you can boost client motivation as a personal trainer

Give constant affirmation

One thing that every certified personal trainer should do is to offer positive reinforcement every time a client achieves a fitness goal or goes beyond their target during the fitness assessments.

Small gestures of appreciation, like when your client does more reps, completes one month of healthy diet, or finishes their exercise routine at home on time, boosts their morale.

The feeling of achievement itself acts as a tool to motivate clients.

So make it a point to include motivational interviewing, client praising, and pushing them to achieve their fitness goals, in your personal training workflow.

Provide easy-to-follow instructions during workouts

One of the many variables that can affect client motivation is a fitness program that they find hard to follow.

It can get pretty dull if your clients have trouble understanding what they need to do next during a workout, especially in the case of group sessions as during one on one training clients can skill clear their doubts.

So while you keep your client's goals in mind while making a fitness schedule, also ensure the instructions are clear and easy to follow by anyone. To identify areas or workouts that need improvement in terms of instruction or video angle, you can schedule a feedback session with your clients.

As a personal trainer, always try to balance out the exercises, give precise instructions on what your clients need to do, and pay attention to their form.

Utilize emotional intelligence within training sessions

People opt for a better fitness lifestyle for varying reasons - to improve their overall health, adopt a balanced diet and nutrition practice, weight loss goals, lifestyle and behavior change, etc.

Personal trainers need to remember that because everyone's goals are different, parameters to boost client motivation also vary.

For example, if someone says they don't want to work out because physical activity tires them, personal trainers may respond with phrases like, "if you commit yourself to exercise regularly, you'll get more energized", or "if you're short on time, just get your workout first thing in the morning or opt for a shorter session."

Clients will always face some kind of difficulty that will affect their motivation. That's why breaking down long term goals into shorter goals, understanding their emotions and what drives them, and including evidence based practice to show them their progress is essential for a fitness trainer's success.

Keep shorter personal training sessions

Some people don't like to spend hours in the gym (or even engage in long training sessions at home) when they can instead step out and spend time with family and friends.

As a personal trainer, you must analyze your clients' habits and make fitness schedules that fit easily into their existing routines. Not only will clients be able to follow the plan more religiously then, but they would then want to return to it again and again!

An excellent way to incorporate motivation is creating shorter workout sessions that fit into even your busiest clients' schedules. Short but intensive training makes it easier for clients to find time to exercise and helps them see better results overall. This way you're able to keep your clients motivated for longer durations.

Encourage clients to set realistic goals

Having a clear vision or achievable and realistic goals in mind makes accomplishing them easier as clients can measure progress in real-time and the motivation is also higher.

As a personal trainer, you should talk to your clients and help them identify and set clear goals. You can even break down the goals into smaller ones and brief your clients on what they can expect in the next session and overall in the course of their fitness training.

Answering questions or any doubts they may have as to why a certain diet is being recommended or the benefits of a particular exercise should also be taken during this process.

Setting realistic goals will make it easier for you and your clients to track progress, ultimately boosting client motivation.

Fitness becomes more sustainable when clients are actually succeeding at doing something rather than just trying their hardest!

Final Words

Motivating clients is not always easy.

Client motivation is a gradual process where you also learn what kind of motivation triggers work for which client, the things that help keep them on track, etc. And the sooner you grasp the trick, the better you will be able to engage with your clients.

And it's easier to pay attention to all the clients and take mental notes when the count is few. But if you have a lot of clients, it can get tricky.

With FitBudd, you can effortlessly manage all your clients from one place. This means you'll be able to do all of this and more in half the time. With weekly photographs, intelligent analysis, workout scheduler, nutritional planner, and other features, you can keep track of your clients' fitness levels at all times of the day.

And with accurate data at your disposal, you may nudge them in the right direction with video calls and live chats while encouraging them to get better results faster!

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