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How-to Guide for Fitness Challenges for Trainers [Free E-book]

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How to create a fitness challenge and be successful? Read on to find out how to motivate your clients for fitness challenges.

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How-to Guide for Fitness Challenges for Trainers [Free E-book]

Getting your clients off the couch and engaging them in a rigorous fitness regime can sometimes be daunting. So, here is a quick, comprehensive guide to making it easy for you to plan a perfect fitness challenge.

What are Fitness Challenges?

Very often, you can vouch that it can be gruesome to work out, and no matter where you stand in fitness, you lose the drive to put your body through intense workout sessions sometimes. So, this is where a fitness challenge comes into the frame. More than just a goal, a fitness routine with some tools to get you on track create favorable surroundings for you to thrive.

A fitness trainer's biggest challenge is drawing a fine line between clients' demands and fitness challenges.  

But why do fitness trainers find it tedious to run challenge ideas successfully? At the bare bones, every fitness trainer needs to understand how crucial it is to undertake a fitness challenge for you and your client.

Why Should Fitness Trainers Set Challenges?

Running a fitness challenge has proved to be an effective way to enhance customer engagement. These challenges often push the clients beyond what they are capable of. Through this, they develop a mindset of keeping the fitness challenge at the forefront.  

When your client commits to a challenge, it deepens a sense of commitment and brings people to buy in. This eliminates the clients going by the wayside, and you can capitalize on their drive and motivation.

How to Create a Perfect Fitness Challenge?

In actuality, many fitness trainers tend to brush off the how-to guides of setting a perfect fitness challenge, which comes at the cost of risking new and old clients.

With proper detailed know-how, a fitness trainer can look past the clients' requirements and capitalize on their desires by setting short- and long-term goals.

Who doesn't adore getting their gears up for a challenge? So, below is the checklist for all fitness trainers to abide by, for profitable fitness challenges.

1. Determine Your Objectives

People tend to work out more when some incentives are given. Does it involve losing weight or straining your muscles? Your priority must be your clients while you brainstorm ideas for designing fitness challenges. Rather than just picking random goals, personalize them to meet their demands.

But as a trainer, how do you get clients invested in their success and keep them there? So, this ultimately requires a precise understanding of the goals of clients.

2. Which Timeframe is Ideal for Fitness Challenges?

Remember that, in most cases, you must push your challenges to your fitness, health, and wellness beyond just a few days.

This is primarily done because, for the most part, it will take just a few weeks to see the benefits.

Yes, not every challenge needs a specific benchmark to be set. These can range from the step count targets to body fat percentage. Developing a fitness challenge with a time limit drives them to move forward.

3. Be Creative With Your Fitness Challenges!

If you observe, the majority of physical barriers go beyond small-scale ones. These minor scale impediments are heavier lifts, proper diet plans, intense HIIT sessions, and crazy cardio exercises, among many others. Little things are missed in the race to get accomplished on a small scale.

You can periodically encourage your trainees to go for less not very popular areas, namely as balance and flexibility exercises. We neglect the "minor" activities because we focus on our successes in the many categories.

These will focus more on participant engagement than actual results. It stems from the idea that you must put on your gym gear before you can begin exercising. Therefore, developing the practice of simply starting your workout is a terrific approach to ignite your motivation.

4. Structure Long-Term and Short-Term Goals:

Long-term goals are primarily focused on results. However, advancement can't go unnoticed over days, weeks, and months. So, for high engagement,  you can curate short-term goals and group the participants based on their progress.

The best way to engage clients is by creating a group chat and instructing your trainees to click pictures of their workouts and share them with you. Create a regime that incentivizes a certain number of weekly activities. It could be a 3 or a 4-week challenge. Try to keep it short since people want to see quick results

5. Major Problem in Fitness Challenges

You need to know that challenges aim to shake up the status quo and give participants a personalized incentive to go beyond their abilities for their wellness program.

Discovering the ideal duration for the challenge is crucial for these and many other reasons. The likelihood that people will get disinterested in your updates is high.

Therefore, it is vital to think about and plan their fitness regimen for whatever length of time you focus on.

6. Ensuring to Retain Client's Engagement

Social media is the best way to ignite inspiration regarding fitness. For example, a private Facebook group would be a great idea to facilitate your fitness challenge and keep your clients updated and enthusiastic.

Numerous fitness apps are available to boost competition in a way that encourages active client engagement. Don't forget to take every shot to make your climes feel comfortable to engage in by making them fun.

A fitness challenge can be a powerful approach to motivating your trainees. However, it solely depends on the incentives you give them and the environment you create for them.

In a Nutshell

In the end, if you stick with this how-to guide, you will notice a higher level of client involvement. A higher percentage of participation from the trainees increases the likelihood that your clients will see their progress and results, enabling you to retain them with you in the future.

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