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7 Steps To Successful Online Fitness Challenges

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Chayan Garg

Online Fitness challenges are an excellent way to strengthen customer relationships while also expanding your fitness business.

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7 Steps To Successful Online Fitness Challenges

Virtual fitness challenges are an excellent way to strengthen customer relationships while also expanding your fitness business. It assists in motivating your clients because everyone in the group works toward the same objective and supports one another.

Step 1: Determine The Objective

Before you begin your online fitness challenge in online personal trainer app, make sure you have a clear aim in mind. Why do you want to host an online fitness challenge? Do you want to grow your email list, enhance the amount of time your clients spend with you, or do anything else?

Whatever you want to accomplish, it’s important to plan ahead of time so that you can structure your challenge correctly.

Step 2: Know What Your Clients Want

It's time to delve deeper into what your clients desire now that you've defined your goals and the reasons for creating a fitness challenge.

Your clients may have a specific problem they want to be handled, or they may simply want to get in a quick workout during the day. They may be trying to stay active at home, or they may simply want to grow muscle or lose weight.

Whether it's an Instagram-focused plank challenge or a general weight loss program, the idea is to identify your client's pain points and then devise fitness challenges that will assist them in achieving their objectives.

Step 3: Plan Your Content Assets

You're ready to plan the content now that you know your goal and have identified the client's pain points and fitness goals.

When it comes to content, there are many options, but the best material will be determined by what your personal brand stands for and what your clients expect.

Here are some ideas around which you can create your content:

  • Workout journal or calendar
  • Equipment shopping list
  • Fun and unique meal plans
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Ask me anything sessions
  • Blogs and exercise videos
  • Podcast links
  • Healthy habits
  • Top events or webinars
  • Benefits of certain foods

Step 4: Choose The Right Platform For The Online Fitness Challenge

The platform you'll use to offer your challenge is entirely based on your resources and the social media platform where your personal brand is active. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Clubhouse are some examples.

If you are unable to record video content, for example, you may create a private Facebook community and post daily to keep your clients involved and excited about the challenge. For live streaming, you can use apps like Facebook Live, IGTV, or Youtube Live.

Step 5: Make A Short Video And Use It For Marketing

After you've figured everything out, shooting a short video in which you briefly describe your challenge is a terrific approach to sell it.

The video can also feature a preview of the workouts you've created as well as the instructions on how to join the challenge. It's important to promote the challenge on your social media platforms or even through Facebook or Google ads.

Bonus tip: Use email marketing to spread the word about the challenge. You may send emails to your clients with an attractive template that includes all of the challenge specifics along with a CTA button to register. This is a great technique to sell your challenge, and it may be quite effective.

Here are some ideas to market virtual fitness challenges:

  • Share posts on your socials
  • Paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
  • Host Facebook and IG Live
  • Use Instagram Stories to engage
  • Include a link on your landing page

Bonus tip: Include sign-up links: Make sure that you include sign-up links in all your content which you post from now on and talk about your upcoming fitness challenge.

Step 6: Take Your Fitness Program Live  

You're finally ready to start enrolling participants in your fitness challenge. Use Instagram Live or Facebook Live to spread the word about the event and get your clients excited. Don't forget to provide a start date and end date just so your clients have a clear idea of when the event will be, and they don't forget to register. After you've gotten all your sign-ups, you can commence your fitness challenge and just have fun!

Step 7: Celebrate Your Success

When your clients have completed your fitness challenge, it's time to celebrate your and their accomplishments.

You can arrange an offline event or even a virtual celebration. You can also offer special discounts, coupons, or freebies to the participants. This will leave a lasting imprint on them, promote long-term connections, and motivate them to continue their fitness journey and take up more challenges.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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