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How Workout Selfies Can Help You Stay Motivated?

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On your journey towards fitness goal, workout selfie [popular known as ‘swealfie’] can help a great deal. Read on why and how….

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How Workout Selfies Can Help You Stay Motivated?

The last time you were scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook page, you must have come across pictures of influencers or ordinary guys/girls posing for that perfect selfie shot in the gym  post-workout  in all their sweaty glory. It's a common practice among fitness enthusiasts to take a workout photo as proof of their accomplishment and effort.

Popularly known as "Swealfies" or "workout selfies," it is one trend that has been around for a while now and still holding up tight. And we are not complaining!

Social media platforms have a notorious reputation, and the shelf life of these trends or hashtag culture tends to stay around two weeks or so. But the “gym selfie” trend has proved worthwhile by positively capturing one's physical accomplishment.

Let us look at the ways one can fuel their fitness goals by taking a selfie.

1) Goal Setting Swealfies

Commence your fitness journey by posting a "before" picture with a goal-setting or a benchmark descriptive story of- how you want to see yourself in the next six months, or a 'workout with me' tagline for the accountability and experience of the transformation of the body and mind. This will assist people in persistently working towards the desired and realistic goals that have been set up. Continue taking workout selfies weekly, and seeing the progress in pictures will motivate you to accomplish the goals more positively.

As the progression continues, your mental and emotional health will also boost. A "workout selfie" power will propel the individual to move forward even if the journey has ups and downs.

2) An Accountable Tracker

Swealfie proves to be an accountable tracker in one's fitness journey. It acts as a documented version of the individual's physical and mental health path and holds you accountable when you get demotivated or lose track of your fitness journey.

Posting about the workout selfie routines, like- I did a new exercise today, my abs are hurting, or had an intense session in the gym for two hours, makes you feel proud of yourself.

It’s more about being accountable to yourself. Even if you don't want to share your photos on social media, just click them and save them on your phone to keep track of your progress and as a reminder of your journey.

3) A Positive Influence/ Inspiration

Training and results matter when you want to create a holistic approach toward fitness goals. One can carry the other's influence for their own growth story.

The connections and collection of workout selfies, whether flattering or not, inspire the community or individuals to pave their way to self-realization.  Through inspiration, they can also build a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

It is empowering to inspire people by telling them your story of healthy living through pictures. As a picture tells a thousand words, and if one gets influenced by it positively, we see no harm done.

4) A Roller Coaster Journey

Working out requires persistence, consistency, and hard work. These three factors do put up a nice workout selfie on Instagram. Even if you are busy and still took time out to exercise, the selfie of the aftermath is well-earned and respected.

Drenched in 'sweat workout selfies' motivates a person of any age or size, a mother or working woman, to get up and burn those extra pounds.

Public acknowledgment tends to help you push your limits and persuades you to travel the fitness path that can sometimes be physically and emotionally exhausting. And when you go through the pictures of the fitness journey, it helps motivate you to move forward and achieve the goal for your health.

So, when you feel distracted or off-track in your fitness journey, it's better to share your experience with a selfie and engage with your followers or friends for positive interaction. It would help boost your confidence and uplift your mood while enhancing a solid rapport with your social media followers.

Selfies are about bringing each other together, lifting you at your lowest, or cheering on your small wins. It's all about perspective. A person halfway across the world could get inspired by your workout selfie and the progress you’ve made, making it a meaningful task. How to Click that Perfect ‘Swealfie’?

Online platforms are the go-to inspirations for the swealfie's culture. Selfie while performing an exercise or showing off the new workout outfits is all the rage nowadays. People post-workout  selfies while going to the gym, working out, after workouts, with the trainers, and the list goes on and on. So, here are the perfect swealfie one should post on their gram to get those likes flowing.

  • Focus on yourself and forget about your surroundings. Be confident and try to click the picture in natural lighting to show off the attractive muscle-toned body you have created.
  • Please choose the right filter but avoid getting extreme, as it can make your body look unappealing and fabricated. We want to show the real you.
  • Having colorful workout outfits does make an attractive selfie.
  • Right shoes are mandatory to train safely.  
  • Fun and sweaty selfie are all we need to see as your primary purpose is to show the hard work you put into while working out, not only for the likes but also for the motivation and encouragement.


Goals are challenging, and the challenge is what makes the journey exciting. Don't indulge in failures or successes; focus on the result. The collection of pictures is like collecting memories in which one's resilience, determination, and never give up attitude reflects. Thus, make an extensive portfolio filled with ups and downs.

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