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Top Personal Trainers In the USA for Online Fitness Coaching

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Chayan Garg

People who provide home exercise plans are in high demand. There is a significant need for online fitness instructors, and here a list of top personal trainer in USA.

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Top Personal Trainers In the USA for Online Fitness Coaching

Training with the best can be tough, but it's worth every minute!

Personal trainers are the perfect fitness partners for those looking to make a lifestyle change. 

They provide accountability, education and support to reach your health goal, so you may find working with one well worth investing time into getting fit!

But the challenge is that there are millions of online personal trainers in the US and finding one can also be challenging. So, where do you start?

We’ve compiled a list of top fitness professionals in the Pacific Coast, USA reviewed by people across the web to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

This will help you find your next great fitness mentor!

Eric Trent Ausbon- Online personal trainer

Eric is an NSSA-certified fitness coach. He is based in Los Angeles and has an extensive background in personal training, which he loves sharing with others so that they can reap the benefits of regular exercise and consuming nutritious foods!

His areas of specialization are weight training, HIIT, progressive callisthenics, and martial arts. He believes that anyone can reach any present or future fitness goals by combining these elements with nutritional guidance, energy, effort, and intensity.

He provides online fitness coaching through his fitness coaching app, Fit By Trent. Eric's enthusiasm for health and well-being is evident in his fitness programs. His Shred program will rev up your metabolism like never before, and his 21-day kickoff plan will provide you with the tools you need to stay on track.

As one of the best online personal trainer in the USA, Eric has helped several clients through online training.

Website: Train with Eric 

Mobile App: Fit By Trent

Instagram Handle: erictrentfit

Fredricka Harris- Health and wellness coach

Fredericka Harris is a health and wellness coach based in California and likes to build fitness routines and nutrition plans for her clients from the ground up. 

She doesn't just give you meal plans; she encourages you to take care of your health and fitness so that you may be confident in your progress over time and, ultimately, be your own personal trainer.

Through Embodied, her personal training app, she provides her clients with elite online coaching through her workout plans, nutritional advice and video demonstrations.

Fredericka is truly passionate about health and wellness and offers unique, high-quality programs that get results! From the Shred program to a 21-day kickstart plan - Embodied has it all covered in one place, with Fredericka as your guide along the way

Website: Train with Fredricka 

Mobile App: EMBODIED

Instagram Handle:  bangin_bodiess

Karina Laranjeira-

Karina is a Culinary, Food Sustainability and Nutrition Educator. She is based in California and is also a Master Herbalist, Mycologist and Certified in Sports Medicine.

Karina aims to help others get fit, healthy and feel great. She has combined her knowledge in culinary with sustainability practices for the environment and provides recipes on how to eat locally-sourced food while still enjoying delicious meals like never before!

Fit Food 4 Life is the name of her Fitness App. Karina offers fitness coaching programs that include a 21-day kickstart plan and Shred program to kickstart your health journey!

Website: Train with Karina

Mobile App: Karina LaMarr

Instagram Handle: fitfood.4life

Jeremy Sry  

Jeremy Sry is an online fitness coach, producer, and actor. He is based in Mission Viejo, USA. 

Combining his passion for fitness, ability to produce videos, and experience on set, Jeremy’s mission is to bring you the ultimate online fitness coaching experience!

His USP is to keep his clients motivated, and he loves to be active, healthy, and fit. He loves discovering and exploring new ways to exercise to make fitness fun for his clients. 

He launched his Fitness App, Pursuit by SRY, intending to make world-class health and fitness accessible to all.

Website: Train with Jeremy

Mobile App: Pursuit by SRY

Instagram Handle: jeremysry

Yumi Warner

Yumi is a personal trainer, Women's Professional football coach, and business owner in Los Angeles, CA. 

She believes that meeting people where they are at leads to success for both clients and athletes as she guides them through their fitness journey with ULVMI (her online app). 

The one-on-one coaching programs offered on the App give users access to all of the information needed without having any previous knowledge or instruction; while also providing motivation along the way!

Website: Train with Yumi

Mobile App: ULVMI

Instagram Handle: ulvmi

Chikezie Ukeje

Chikezie Ukeje is an online fitness coach who wants to make it easy for everyone - no matter your background or experience level-to get in shape without breaking the bank!

Chikezie has dedicated his life towards helping others have the best possible experience with healthy living and wants everyone in America to be fit and healthy. 

You can kick start your fitness journey with Ukeje through his online Fitness App, Coachedup. You'll have the best combination of nutrition & exercises available on a single app.

Website: Train with Ukeje

Mobile App: Coachedup

Instagram Handle: coachkeje

Reo Washington

Reo is a fitness coach based in Los Angeles. His objective is to help entrepreneurs navigate their way through the often-tough world of fitness.

You can start your fitness journey with Reo through his online Fitness App, Reo Fitt. 

Some of his coaching programs: 

21-day kickstart plan is designed to kick start your health journey using a simple, nutritious diet plan and basic exercises using minimal equipment! 

Shred program- A gym-based plan to help you lose weight and body fat whilst gaining muscle tone and strength. 

All the programs cater to your individual needs based on your availability, the equipment in your gym/home, etc.

Website: Train with Reo

Mobile App: ReoFitt

Instagram Handle: reo_fitt

Katrina Souvigny

Katrina is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal trainer based in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Katrina is a health and wellness enthusiast who loves to create workout plans for people of all abilities ranging from low impact / moderate plans to athletic level plans – and everything in between. Her workouts are designed to give you the tools and motivation needed for long-term success. 

Fit Up Nutrition is the name of her Fitness App. Katrina offers fitness coaching programs from one-one nutrition coaching to meal planning that fits your daily schedule.

Website: Train with Katrina

Mobile App: Fit Up Nutrition 

Instagram Handle: fit_up_nutrition

Yasmine Tweedy

Yasmine is a fitness coach based in Los Angeles. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy and is also currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Exercise Science, Applied Strength, and Conditioning.

Her love for basketball coaching has led to a career in the sport, and she now helps top college basketball teams improve their game.

Yasmine's passion for fitness and wellness led to the birth of TWEEDY TOUGH FITNESS, her personal training app that provides people with curated programs created by her. 

The goal is not only weight loss but also mental well-being so you can lead a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Website: Train with Yasmine

Mobile App: Tweedy Tough Fitness 

Instagram Handle: tweedytough_

Bryan Giordano

Bryan is a passionate leader and the founder of Organic Fitness & Life Coaching Solutions Inc, based in Portland, USA. 

He has an experienced team of fitness trainers, nutrition coaches, and health coaches who will inspire you with specific tools to help attain your fitness goals.

You can start your fitness journey with Bryan from your living room with Organic Fitness Solutions, his fitness app. His online fitness app offers several fitness programs, including a boot camp group fitness class and lives in-person training sessions. 

Website: Train with Bryan

Mobile App: Organic Fitness Solutions Inc.

Instagram Handle: Organic Fitness & Life Coach

Before You Go! 

Many online personal trainers, health coaches, yoga instructors, gym trainers, and nutritionists are now using the power of their own fitness apps to expand their fitness business and train people all across the world. 

The best part about having your own app is that you can offer your services worldwide, and people can access high-quality training at any time from anywhere!

Check back soon for another such list with more personal trainers and coaches based in different parts of the world, accessible to you through your mobile phone.

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