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Want to Shed Some Weight? Remove These Items from Your Diet Today

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Long-term obesity can often trigger chronic problems like diabetes and heart disease. So, what’s the solution? Let’s check it out.

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Want to Shed Some Weight? Remove These Items from Your Diet Today

According to the World Health Organization (WHO, approximately 167 million people worldwide will become obese by 2025. Alarming, right? If you’re wondering what led to this spike in obesity, thank the factors like convenient access to processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, and late-night parties that hamper your sleep pattern.

People don’t realize, but long-term obesity can often trigger chronic problems like diabetes and heart disease. So, what’s the solution? Experts believe that you can always switch to healthy eating habits, do more exercise, and gradually you would feel the difference.

But is it that easy? Most obese individuals fail to suppress their cravings and struggle with questions like what foods to avoid to lose weight, whether they will lose weight if they stop eating, and the list goes on.

If you’re also struggling with this problem or know someone who’s obese and clueless about essential foods to cut out for weight loss, this guide will help you.

So, without further ado, let’s begin and shed some weight:

What Not to Eat to Lose Weight?

If you’re on a weight loss journey under the supervision of a dietician or a nutritionist, you must stick to your recommended diet plan. Giving in to your hunger often leads to overeating, jeopardizes all your efforts, and makes you feel guilty. The best option is to stick to your ground and not give in. But the primary question remains - what food items should you avoid to lose weight?

Let’s find out in this segment:

1. Carbonated Drinks

Who doesn’t love aerated drinks, right? But what people often forget is that these beverages are your biggest enemy. Though a small amount of sugar is good for health (an average of 25 – 35g is suitable for daily consumption), as is said – “Excess of anything is bad,” this ideology applies to these drinks too.

Despite knowing that the aerated beverages we get in the market today are full of preservatives and excessive sugar, we consume them, which ultimately affects us and leads to increased body weight. Thus, experts recommend drinking water over these sweetened beverages to experience weight loss.

2. Junk Foods

How many times do you order pizza in a month? Is it twice or thrice, or more than that? The number hardly matters. Opting for taste over being healthy is often the culprit. Any form of junk food items, like pizza, cakes, chocolates, etc., are addictive as they contain several artificial ingredients.

Different studies have proven that junk food lacks minerals and vitamins and only contains significant amounts of fats, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. The best food to avoid to lose weight very quickly is junk food since it never satiates us, encouraging binge eating and leading to abnormal weight gain.

Even experts confirm that consuming large amounts of junk food can elevate cholesterol levels in individuals; hence, reducing their consumption is vital.

3. White Bread

White bread is the usual breakfast diet for a large portion of society, but its regular consumption can harm your body in more than one way. As white bread is manufactured with refined flour, packed with vegetable oils and added sugar, and has a high glycosylated level, its consumption can significantly increase your blood pressure.

What’s the counter solution? Rely on other bread types made of wheat flour, like whole wheat bread or ones low on carbohydrates.

4. Processed Foods

Any form of processed food items like biscuits, chips, cakes and pastries, ice cream, etc., as all these items come packed with preservatives and refined flour and give you an instant hit on sugar which triggers inflammation and weight gain. As these items have significant amounts of protein, their consumption often elevates your risk of obesity.

If your craving is too intense, rely on alternative items like carrot cakes, whole wheat jaggery cakes, dark chocolates, etc. Limiting your food intake portion can also minimize your weight gain problems.

Should You Stop Eating at Night to Lose Weight? – An Insight

The concept of skipping dinner at night or just before bedtime is controversial. But according to health experts, it often comes with its merits which are hard to ignore.

The primary benefit is – weight loss. So how does this work?

Ideally, our body takes 6 - 8 hours to process the food. Since dinner is the heaviest meal of the day, skipping it minimizes our calorie intake, allowing our body enough time to shed those extra kilos. In the day hours, you can indulge in different activities or even exercise to lose weight, but at night, it’s just the mind which remains active.

As our body is at complete rest during the night, we burn less calories, and all these excess calories accumulate within our body as fat, leading to weight gain. Plus, when you eat late at night, you tend to prefer fatty processed foods instead of healthy veggies and fruits.


These are some of the top foods to avoid while losing weight. It’s crucial to find a balance between healthy food items (rich in calories) and steer away from unhealthy items, like fried foods, soda, etc., to ensure you progress well and lose weight.

As experts say, even your sleep, diet, and exercise are correlated, so consistently indulge yourself in physical activities to burn the extra fat, take at least 6-8 hours of sleep, and drink adequate water too.

Do you need some help with weight loss? Do you have something to add to this blog post? Connect with us through our Instagram account today and share your thoughts and weight loss journey.

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