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4 Reasons To Launch Your Own Fitness App In 2022

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FitBudd gives you the power of your own fitness app and unprecedented strength to your online fitness coaching platforms. Take your clients online & grow your business. What are you waiting for?

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4 Reasons To Launch Your Own Fitness App In 2022

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown caused many businesses to shut down worldwide. The fitness industry was hit hard too, making this period difficult for trainers everywhere. Digital transformation, however, was a saving grace in these trying times, giving a much-needed boost to online training in the fitness industry.

Even then, dealing with multiple spreadsheets and documents became overwhelming, and there is always room for errors when dealing with numbers manually. Imagine assigning a wrong plan to a client by mistake.

Photos and videos scattered everywhere is no less than a nightmare. Keeping them organized is a tall task and eats up precious hours of personal trainers.

And when it comes to contacting clients, shuffling between emails and WhatsApp and chat messages elsewhere can become quite confusing.

If you are a personal trainer, you already know that building a compelling fitness journey for your clients is a tall task, let alone growing your fitness business.

What if there was a force to automate all this? So, you could give your undivided attention to your client’s well-being and take your fitness business to new heights. What if that force could do much more?

FitBudd is here to the rescue. To get all the enormous and countless tasks done in a jiffy!

It is the easiest way to launch your own cutting-edge fitness app on iOS and Android. Bid goodbye to juggling between multiple platforms—instead, curate one specifically for yourself with FitBudd – with your own fitness app in your brand name!

But why should you create your own app?

Let us give you not 1 but 4 solid reasons to have your own app on iOS and Android:

Build your Own Brand

You can now deliver a connected fitness experience for all your clients with your own app in your brand name. With your own fitness app, stand out in the digital world filled with AI-based cookie-cutter apps. By uploading exercise videos directly to the platform, you can help your clients ace any form perfectly. With FitBudd, you can create your clients’ favorite gym inside their phones.  

Growth & Discoverability

Launching your fitness app on iOS and Android means anyone in the world can download it to train with you. What more? When you launch your app with FitBudd, you also get a webpage in your brand name. Put it out there, talk about it on social media, and flaunt your world-class app to fitness enthusiasts worldwide. You never know who might be watching and wanting to train with you.

Learn how Vanessa increased her fitness business by 3X with the help of her own app

End Customer engagement & retention

With interactive workout and nutrition plans, in-built chat, and more, you can deliver a workout experience that your client will love. Intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards ensure you never miss out on your clients’ progress. And with our all-new FitBudd Feature of the month – Subscription-based Plans, you can initiate a recurring billing cycle, connect your Stripe or PayPal account, collect timely payments from your clients, and offer a hassle-free experience to your customers. Unifying everything in one place can help you deliver a holistic experience to your clients. Track the progress and calories as the day unfolds of all your clients seamlessly with advanced analytical tools.

New Business Opportunities

A state-of-the-art app will allow you to expand your fitness business in multiple horizons. By launching your own app, you can put many things in order and avoid the time-sucking admin tasks that draw you away from your clients and primarily the growth of your fitness business. You can do challenges, body transformations, and long-term fitness programs – all in one place.

FitBudd allows you to manage challenges, body transformations, and long-term fitness programs – all in one place.

Name it. Brand it. Launch it.

FitBudd offers 100+ cutting-edge features for you to deliver not just an interactive workout experience but also create nutrition plans, track performance, and more in no time! Get assistance at every step of the way, from design to development and updates. FitBudd gives you the power of your own fitness app and unprecedented strength to your fitness business.

What are you waiting for? Take your clients online & grow your business with your own fitness app and more. Make it your own today and get started!

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