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FitBudd Feature Of The Month – Subscription-Based Plans

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The subscription-based model is not a trend anymore. It’s the feature your fitness business needs to thrive in this new world order. So, are you ready to launch your own fitness app and grow your business?

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FitBudd Feature Of The Month – Subscription-Based Plans

Be it entertainment, software, or healthcare, many industries today are embracing the subscription business model. It is by far the most attractive way of forging ties that transcend time with your customers. Do you doubt it? Check your NETFLIX subscription. We bet it’s on!

So, where has the fitness industry reached in adopting this trend?  

Traditionally, gyms have always offered their clients monthly recurring or yearly packages to choose from. However, in the online personal training space, the absence of a robust tech infrastructure has always been a massive obstacle for growing a fitness business to its full potential.

Imagine, as a personal trainer, if you too could offer your customers attractive long-term fitness plans to choose from. Imagine the hassle-free experience your clients will have when their subscription auto-renews every month and you get paid in your account without the need of sending annoying reminders.

Just Imagine.

And now experience it for yourself!

Introducing Subscriptions with FitBudd

You might have heard us brag about cutting-edge personal trainer app for clients These apps are already helping trainers not only automate but also grow their fitness business like never before.

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With Subscription-based Plans now introduced as part of our package, we are confident that trainers will take their business to a scale hitherto undreamt of. Why so:

1. Offer attractive packages

Give your clients the power to choose from a gamut of recurring plans. Some like to pay in short bursts of 4 weeks, and others feel they must commit for a long-term to make fitness a habit. Also, different price points will make it easier for your customers to pick the most suitable package that fits their pocket.

2. Setup recurring billing

Say goodbye to sending annoying reminders. With recurring billing, trainers like you can now give your customers the benefit of auto-renewing their plans. And in case any payment fails, your app will do the job of notifying your clients to update their payment details. This will also plug revenue leaks that otherwise occur in the traditional way of collecting payments.

3. Long-term engagement and retention

When was the last time you dropped your NETFLIX subscription? That’s the raw dynamism of embracing this business model. Your clients simply stick with you because of the long-term value they see in what you have to offer. And with an app built with FitBudd, you can offer a lot of it. With recurring billing cycles and auto-renewals, you can be a part of their long-term fitness journey.

4. Stripe and PayPal compatibility

Customers love the ease of payment. With Stripe and PayPal compatibility built within FitBudd, you can accept any payment method from your customers across the world. And unlike traditional setup where users receive bulk payments at the end of the month, with our integration your money will credit real-time, directly to your Stripe or PayPal account.

5. No Hidden Charges or Commission

Some things in life sound too good to be true, and this is one of them. FitBudd does not charge any commission for any payments you accept from your customers. Period.

The subscription-based model is not a trend anymore. It’s THE feature your fitness business needs to thrive in this new world order.

So, are you ready to launch your own fitness app and grow your business?

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