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FitBudd vs. Trainerize

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Apra Pathak

When it comes to personal training software, the market is flooded with loads of options. To make the correct decision, one must be aware of all the pros and cons that come with each one of them. Let's compare two of the leading personal training software- FitBudd and Trainerize to see which is the right choice for you.

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FitBudd vs. Trainerize

Which is a better Personal Trainer Software choice for you?

As the owner of a scaling fitness business, one is constantly looking for the tools to help stay organized and grow. When it comes to personal trainer software, there are a few different options to choose from.  Most promise to be the best, but they offer incomplete solutions for a fitness trainer.

FitBudd and Trainerize are two of the most well-liked personal trainer software that provide an array of features and tools to manage your business.

But which is the better choice?

Take a look at how FitBudd and Trainerize stack up against each other when it comes to assisting personal trainers.

Let us compare some features of FitBudd and Trainerize for you to draw out your own conclusion.


The website acts as a storefront for a trainer’s business. Therefore, its importance is obvious. FitBudd beats the competition through its personalization and customization features.

FitBudd is the best choice for personal trainers who want to stand out from their competitors. Our customizable websites let you reflect your true essence in a way that no one else can match. Check out Coach Jani Dittman’s personalized website, which helped her skyrocket her fitness business- here.

Like Jani, many FitBudd trainers fully utilize their websites to turn prospects into clients. Many coaches like Coach Jasper have used the client testimonial section of the website to showcase their previous clients’ happy responses. This incentivizes new clients to join your program.

Along with our site design tools, you can also custom-brand your app. It gives your business legitimacy, drawing more clients in.

Offer Plans

Trainerize and FitBudd offer FREE plans for the clients to try out the platform before purchase.

Additionally, FitBudd provides a better and frictionless approach.

On the FitBudd platform, trainers can also set up the intro offer for any of their subscription-based fitness plans in just a few clicks. It means a new client can access their fitness plan for free for the number of days the trainer decides.


The pricing structure of their business is of utmost importance to a fitness trainer.

Trainerize's pricing plans are rigid, with only a few premium options that provide unlimited clients. The base package limits the amount you can grow your business, so if someone has more than a certain number of clients, they'll need an upgrade or find somewhere else for their new clientele until Trainerize offers something better!

FitBudd pricing options are very flexible in this term. Trainers can buy any of the plans- Silver or Gold, based on whether they want to have their customized apps or not. Both plans offer limited clients per month. But if the trainer wishes to add more clients, they can do so without any break.

At the end of the month, the FitBudd trainers pay for only the active clients at the given time, but Trainerize charges for the whole bracket.

Leads Management

The stepping stone for a successful personal training business is being able to nurture leads into clients. Both platforms provide the personal trainer with leads management options.

Let us have a look at how they fare through:


Trainerize offers three categories for client management - Pending, Active & Deactivated.

Pending Clients: Clients on the waiting list due to the quota provided to any trainer.

A trainer will require to upgrade to a higher plan to keep training them or have to wait till some of the active clients become inactive.

Active Clients: Clients currently working with the trainer.

Deactivated Clients: Clients taking a break from training.


FitBudd provides clear segregation of the contacts in the following categories: Leads, Plans to Assign, and Active and Inactive Clients.

Leads: Potential clients who have shown interest in the trainer’s app.

Plans to Assign: A vital category to have on the trainer dashboard. It provides the list of clients who have purchased a plan but are yet to be assigned a program.

Active Client: The clients that are currently working with the trainer.

Inactive Clients:  Once active clients’ plan expires they will move to the inactive section.

Inactive clients can be restored later.


No training is complete without progress. Regular Check-ins are one of the most opted-for progress tracking methods.

Trainerize allows clients to add progress photos and measurements separately.

FitBudd enables them to add progress photos with the measurements and track all these under check-ins. Personal trainers can easily track client progress.

FitBudd provides a scalable way with a better user experience.

Client-Coach Communication

Trainers must remain in continuous contact with their clients to nurture client-coach relationships.


Trainerize and FitBudd provide the coaches with messaging services on their apps for proper communication.

Moreover, FitBudd has an additional feature for broadcast messages.

Broadcasts can reduce the time trainers spend sharing information with their clients in bulk.

Trainerize supports group chats but doesn’t offer broadcast functionality. FitBudd supports broadcast feature with proper user groups and filters. Broadcasts are shared as a private one-on-one message with all clients in a selected group. The clients can follow up on the broadcast message via DM individually.

Video Calling

FitBudd gives its trainers full accessibility to video calls with no extra charges. Trainers can schedule unlimited calls with their clients. Trainerize also provides the Video Calling feature to its trainers but at an additional cost.

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos is an essential tool for any online trainer. Not only does it help your clients follow along with your workouts better, but it also allows them to work out at a time and schedule suitable to them.

FitBudd gives its trainers the freedom to upload unlimited videos onto their platform. The same cannot be said for Trainerize as this feature is available only with additional charges.

Meal Scheduling

An essential aspect of the personal training business is providing nutrition coaching. A good personal trainer provides meal plans to their clients. It is also an incentive for charging a higher fee.

To assign a meal plan, Trainerize offers only PDF support.

PDF is an outdated technology to assign & track nutrients. Trainerize also provides integration with MyFitnessPal, but it’s cumbersome to have two apps - one to read the set plan and one to log the values.

FitBudd solves this problem and offers a full-fledged Meal Plan & Schedule. Trainers can specify the food items and recipes along with specific mealtimes for the program duration. Trainers can also choose from a variety of meal types and also decide if they want to make a meal plan food-based or macro-based.

With FitBudd, trainers can create or import food items from FitBudd’s vast food database.

Water Tracking

Water tracking is one out-of-the-box feature that FitBudd provides. It is easy to set up and use.

Trainerize does not provide water tracking on its platform.

Choosing FitBudd: The Best Personal Trainer Software

In the short span of a year, FitBudd has helped thousands of trainers build their businesses and made a mark as one of the best personal training software. Many fitness trainers have seen triple the growth in just a few months.

To its new trainers, FitBudd offers Free Sign Up.

You can register for the same by clicking here - FREE TRIAL

A Success Manager is assigned to new users to help trainers learn and configure FitBudd like a pro. You can get tips and tricks for business growth and avoid the stress of doing it yourself.

Hear From Trainers:

“FitBudd is an awesome client management tool!” -Judy M.

“I love how easy it is to set up and customize your page. It only took minutes to get everything set up and ready to launch. All the features are basically self-explanatory, and the tutorials cover everything anyway. The app is simple to navigate for users. Also, I like getting notifications by email every time there's a message or someone signs up.”

-Marian P

“ I love the ability to Manage nutrition and training clients in one location.” -Danya J

Boost your fitness business and transform your client’s journey with FitBudd. Ready to start?

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