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5 Reasons Why You Should Need A Personal Trainer Software

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Personal training software is a powerful tool that helps fitness trainers manage their time, clients, and billing efficiently.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Need A Personal Trainer Software

Fitness trainers are always on the go!

They're traveling to different locations or managing their personal training business from home, adjusting their routines to fit their clients' needs, and meticulously scheduling every minute of the day.

It can get tiring.

Personal training software like FitBudd simplifies this process by making it easier for fitness professionals to collect client information, build better schedules with accurate data, sell online and get paid directly in their bank account, and do so much more.

If you want your personal training business to run smoothly from start to finish while saving time and money in the long term, then read on.

But blindly adopting any personal training software can do more harm than good. So choosing the right platform to train your clients is crucial.

How to decide which personal training software will do the job and help you grow your personal training business? We say you look out for capabilities that can do more than just client management and schedules.

1. Onboard clients quickly, with their fitness goals and preferences recorded automatically

One of the main features of personal training software is the ease of onboarding clients and client management. Some platforms even allow fitness trainers to ask relevant questions during onboarding. This way, they don't need to ask clients about their goals individually. For instance, you as a fitness trainer can add questions in the portal about your clients' workout objective, current calorie intake, diet preferences, etc. These questions appear when your clients visit your fitness app for the first time. With this information, you can create customized workouts and meal plans in no time.

2. Manage everything that you otherwise did via spreadsheets, emails, messages, videos, etc., from one place

Client management made simple! If you're not a fan of managing your fitness business via spreadsheets, emails, videos, and messages, then you'll be glad to know that personal training software simplifies this otherwise cumbersome process.

You can manage all of your information in one place where it's easy for you to find and easily update. For example, many platforms allow fitness trainers to view client information on a virtual dashboard instead of calculating all this manually. Having an exercise library at your fingertips ensures you can meet the demands of your clients who come from different backgrounds, whether they're athletes, beginners, or fitness enthusiasts.

You'll no longer have to waste time trying to find missing information from clients -- everything will be up-to-date and neatly organized on one platform for both you and your clients.

3. Curate meal and workout plans from an extensive library

Many fitness trainers find it easier to curate meal plans from a pre-existing database of recipes. Once they have their content in place, they assign their clients a calorie goal and tailor the recipes accordingly.

The good news is that fitness platforms like FitBudd come with an extensive food library. You can select a dish based on its nutritional values, calorie breakdown, and even dietary restrictions. With this at your disposal, you don't have to spend countless hours creating every recipe from scratch for your clients.

And what about workout plans?

Like food, a well-equipped platform should give fitness trainers access to a free exercise library full of videos and photos. It can save precious hours as you don't have to make videos for each exercise you assign to your clients.

4. Check-in via messages and 1-1 video calls anytime with your clients for consultation or progress updates

One of the most remarkable features of any fitness platform is 1-on-1 video calling and chat. Many trainers even offer to do this for free! It's an excellent way to keep your clients motivated while also course correcting.

These interactions usually last about 10 minutes and give clients a chance to ask questions they might not otherwise have time to answer in a more extended session.

In addition, video calls also allow you to see the physical side effects of workouts. You'll be able to identify if anything is affecting your client negatively and if it's because of their workouts or outside factors.

5. Link your PayPal or Stripe and get paid instantly

Personal training software also allows you to handle automated billing for each client. Some platforms even offer a mobile app so you can update invoices on the go! You won't be wasting time writing down every detail during your workday and trying to remember what clients did when their sessions were over. Plus, there can be many waiting around during office hours while clients either pay in person or enroll in automatic payment plans.

Personal training software has been taking care of this for you already! It also offers accurate calculations that help ensure that both you and your clients get the most bang for your buck, preventing unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.


Personal training software is a powerful tool that helps fitness trainers manage their time, clients, and billing efficiently. With features like food and exercise libraries or video consultations, training clients online becomes easier for the busy professional.

We designed FitBudd with modern trainers in mind by building convenience into every feature, so they never have to worry about training unlimited clients again. If you're looking for a solution that will save you hassle and frustration when managing your business, contact us at today!

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and get started setting up an account that's perfect for your needs.

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