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Full-body Dumbbell Workout at Home

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People are increasingly choosing to workout at home with dumbbells, as they are an effective way to build muscle. Read on to find out how.

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Full-body Dumbbell Workout at Home

Are you struggling to make time to visit the gym for muscle building? Are you constantly on the road and thus unable to work out? If your answer is yes, remember that you don’t need a fully equipped gym at your perusal to initiate your workout regimen and gain strength. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and the zeal to begin. Even industry reports indicate that people are keen to work out at home rather than visit the gym, and even experts believe that the home fitness equipment industry will grow to $15.2 billion by 2026.

Though you may counter otherwise, the fact remains that dumbbells still lay the foundation for your upper body strength training. Many experienced bodybuilders incorporate dumbbell workouts in their fitness routine, especially if they’re doing it at home.

But how can you perform a full-body dumbbell workout at home? This question haunts most newbies, and we understand. If you’re also fidgeting with the answer to this question, check out this blog, wherein we list the top six exercises you can perform with dumbbells, all at the convenience of your home. To simplify, we have categorized the list into two parts based on gender.

6 Best Exercises You Can Conveniently Perform At Home with Dumbbells

Bench Press:

If you’re looking for exercises to include in your dumbbell-only workout plan, the bench press has to be at the top of your list. According to experts, it’s more effective than a barbell bench as it provides more stability to your shoulders alongside the triceps.

If you’re new to dumbbell exercises, remember that their basic concept is to squeeze at the top of the movement, ensuring that your target muscles remain active and engaged. Perform three sets and 8-10 reps (per set) of this form, and take at least a 1-minute break before proceeding further.

Shoulder Press:

You can perform this dumbbell exercise either in a seated position or standing. As a beginner, you must always perform it in a seated form as it gives you additional support without distracting your focus. It also helps you learn the proper form and builds your strength.

However, if you’re confident and come with experience, you can always do it in a standing position to work on your core even more. According to experienced trainers, the shoulder press focuses on your deltoids (a muscle that connects your arm to the rest of the body) and even your triceps, trapezius, and rotator cuff muscles, which must work together to give you successful results. Performing 3-4 sets and 6-10 reps in each set is enough.

Goblet Squat:

Have you ever lifted a goblet? When you perform goblet squats as a part of your total body dumbbell workout regimen, you experience the same feeling. If you’re new to squatting, you must start with this exercise form, as it keeps your upper body straight and shoulders open.

This form challenges your quads (muscles present at the front of your thighs) and keeps pressure off your back, making it much more convenient for beginners than a barbell squat, and the dumbbell in the front helps you sit properly. Experts recommend starting with ten reps and then gradually increasing the count. 

Full-body Dumbbell Workout for Women

Here are the top two dumbbell exercises you can include in your workout regimen after you’ve set up your home gym:

Lateral Squats:

Are you looking for better mobility and stability in both of your legs? Try doing lateral squats. Once you start performing it regularly, your quads, inner thighs, and lower-body movements, like regular squats and lunge variations, get corrected. Besides working your core, lateral squats also affect your glute medius (part of your butt that makes your side movements possible), inner thighs, hamstrings, and calves.

There are different variations of lateral squats: single leg, lateral lunge, and weighted lateral squat. Experienced trainers recommend doing three sets with 10 – 12 reps on each side to strengthen your lower body from all angles.

Dumbbell Seesaw Press:

If your shoulder muscles are weak, the dumbbell seesaw press is the best exercise for you. Further, you can perform this exercise if you’re trying to strengthen your core, improve your posture, and much more. While performing this exercise, you move both dumbbells alternatively, which puts significant pressure on your deltoids and challenges your core and upper back.

Dumbbell Sit-ups:

Sit-ups are an integral part of everybody’s workout plan, irrespective of their age and the goal they’re trying to achieve. However, you can always add dumbbells if you’re open to challenges and want to make it a little complicated. By performing this exercise as a part of your full dumbbell workout plan, you work different parts of your core muscles, primarily targeting rectus abdominis muscles and hip flexors, thereby improving their strength.

According to experts, individuals whose core isn’t strong or those still at the beginner stage must avoid performing this exercise to avoid back injuries.


Performing daily workouts and keeping your body in shape is essential to avoid falling prone to medical issues. Most consider cardio the best way to lose fat but forget that it can lead to significant muscle loss. 

So, create a dumbbell-only full-body workout plan and keep your muscles intact. Experts recommend adding enough resting time to give your muscles time to adjust and replenish your energy levels. 

Have you ever used dumbbells while working out? What exercises have you performed? Let us know your experience by connecting with us through our Instagram account.

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