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How do You Create a Free Workout Plan as a Personal Trainer

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Here is a guide to creating a free workout plan for your clients that gives them confidence about your training

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How do You Create a Free Workout Plan as a Personal Trainer

Creating effective workout plans distinguishes a professional personal trainer from a hobbyist. It takes study, a conscious effort, and dedication to design workout plans that bring results to clients. Moreover, the knowledge and experience of personal trainers show in the fitness programs they create.

To excel as a personal trainer, you must create good workout programs that embark your clients on a healthy routine without compromising their safety and health.

Here is a guide to creating a free workout plan for your clients that gives them confidence about your training:

Making Artwork with a Fitness Program

Designing a workout plan is an art in itself as it involves rational thinking, knowledge about the industry, and a mindset to create an ideal workout plan that delivers results.

The mantra of "keeping things simple" will help you craft the best workout routine. To achieve this, you must consider every client as a blank canvas and create a basic plan that suits their requirements.

To Start, It's All About Listening

Sure, as a personal trainer, you are the boss of your arena and have your preferences for workouts. But always listen to what your clients say to become successful in the fitness training business.

Know their expectations, ask about their exercise experience and medical history, motivations and vulnerabilities, etc. Unlike others, actively listen to what your clients say and focus on maximizing their health benefits through the workout plan.

Start with a Plan

Once you have listened to and understood your client's requirements, start writing a plan. Instead of using a pre-designed template, develop a customized free workout plan using a dedicated process, which includes:

Listen to their goals and needs

Is the client looking to gain weight or lose weight? What exercises are comfortable for them? Listen to their goals and needs thoroughly.

Determine exercise metrics in alignment with their goals

Say the client’s goal is weight reduction. Determine how much weight to reduce safely per week and prepare a weekly workout plan accordingly.

Put those exercise metrics together into a fitness assessment.

Based on the exercise metrics, ask your client to take a fitness assessment. It will reveal their body’s suitability for specific workouts and helps you fine-tune the gym workout plan.

Re-test them at regular intervals

Once the workout plan is in motion, regularly run periodic tests on the client. It will help upgrade the plan or lower workout intensity.

Repeat as their fitness level improves

Do not upgrade the workout plan hastily. Observe the improvements in the client, and if you’re noticing slight gains, do not hesitate to repeat the workout plan.

Finding the Right Metrics

Apart from the basic metrics like heart rate, balance, endurance, and the like, pay close attention to the client's goals and create your assessments. For example, if a client's goal is to lose weight but is new to fitness training, you may have to tailor the workout plan and gradually introduce rigorous exercises.

Programming for Success and Communication

Attention to detail is what draws a person to hire personal trainers. Always communicate with the client about their improvements and also their shortcomings. Refrain from following the one-size-fits-all approach that is common in the fitness industry. Show them that you are unique and get them excited about training with you.

Coach Clients to Success

You may have created the best personal trainer workout plan. But the client can assess the success of it only by the way you coach them. There may be times when the client is sore and lacks motivation or needs proper recovery to regain strength. Be there for them, interact constantly and coach them to success.

Bottom Line

There is no ideal fitness workout plan or a set template. As every individual is different, so are their workout goals. So, customize your workout plans and make them as precise and safe as possible to generate maximum positive results.

Do you have queries on technological solutions for your training services or about creating a workout plan? Give us a call today and let our experts assist you!

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