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Top Personal Trainers In The Pacific Coast, USA - Fitbudd

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Chayan Garg

The personal trainer in pacific coast helps you reach your health goals with their education and support. Read about such experts in the blog discussed below

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Top Personal Trainers In The Pacific Coast, USA - Fitbudd

The United States houses millions of fitness trainers, and finding a good one can get tricky! So, where do you start?

We’ve curated a list of top fitness studio owners and personal trainers, reviewed by people all across the web. 

This will help you find the best trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Anais Ferreira 

Anais Ferreira is a health coach and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She did her health certifications from IIN (Integrative Nutrition) and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist at ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). 

Anais is originally from Valencia, Venezuela but has lived in Miami, Florida since 2013. She is truly passionate about the health and fitness industry and has dedicated her life to advising people to achieve their fitness goals or simply live more healthily.

Website: Train with Anais

Mobile App: Imberryfit

Instagram Handle: Anais Ferreira

Jemes Sintel 

Jemes Sintel is an NFPT certified personal trainer and a lifestyle coach. He has over 7 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and is based in Miami, USA. 

Jemes is on a mission to coach busy professionals on how to get sustainable results with zero food restrictions, extensive workouts, or by taking any add-on supplements. 

King Fit Coaching is the name of his fitness brand. Don't skip his YouTube channel for some amazing and informative workout videos.

Website: Train with Jemes

Mobile App: King fit coaching 

Instagram Handle: _kingfitness

Youtube Handle: King Fitness


Kenneth is a Health & Wellness Coach based in Upper Marlboro, USA. He is a true believer in a person's ability to change the way they look and feel through fitness. 

He began his fitness journey in 2013 when he had gained a significant amount of weight, resulting in him weighing 265 pounds, and he almost did not recognize himself. 

In 4 months, he was able to drop about 40 pounds and began building up the muscle. This was the beginning of the emergence of his Alter Ego, Kut Up, his fitness brand.  

Website: Train with Kenneth 

Mobile App: Alter Ego Aesthetics Fitness Trainer

Instagram handle:  kaptainamerikah

Joao DeSouza

Joao De Souza is an athlete and a CrossFit coach. He is based in Orlando, USA. 

The name of his brand is De Souza Fitness Training which has a variety of programs running. One of the programs consists of bodyweight movements only, or minimal equipment as resistance bands, designed to be performed anywhere, at home or in the park.  

One of his fitness objectives is to get his clients in the best shape using their own body weight.  

Website: Train with Joao

Mobile App: De Souza Fitness Training

Instagram Handle:  joaovitordesouza


Tiara Baldoni 

Tiara Baldoni is a personal trainer & nutrition coach based in Pompano Beach, USA. Her reason for becoming a certified personal trainer was to help people. 

Her mission is to help her clients reach their fitness goals by living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and allowing them to live a longer, stronger, and happier life. 

She designs custom workout programs based on her clients’ goals, educates them on proper nutrition, and guides them towards a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Website: Train with Tiara 

Mobile App: TB-FIT

Instagram handle: tbaldoni_fit

Jonathan Chadwell 

Jonathan Chadwell is a corporate trainer specialist based out of New York, USA, with over 10 years of experience. 

He is a NASM certified trainer. He specializes in building muscle strength and endurance through targeted fitness programs tailored to meet his clients’ needs. 

When it comes to health and fitness, Jonathan believes in sustainability and likes to build the workout or diet plan from the ground up. Instead of handing meal plans, he teaches you how to build your own.

Website: Train with Jonathan

Mobile App: JCFitness

Instagram Handle: jonathanchadwell_


Isom Morris 

Isom Morris is a personal trainer from Ocoee, Florida. He is on a mission to train those 'lazy couch potatoes.' He aims to provide an active and healthy lifestyle by motivating his clients to get in shape and live healthier. 

Isom’s fitness brand, Fitlyfe Fitness, encourages you to keep pushing to achieve your goals and beyond. His personal training app is designed to make your workout journey more manageable and help you live a healthier life.

Website: Train with Isom 

Mobile App: Fitlyfe

Instagram Handle: isommorris

Also checkout Isom’s conversation with us on our interview series, Outside The Gym.

Samaria Cozart 

Samaria Cozart is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast from Pennsylvania, USA. 

Her mission is to enlighten, inspire, and ignite healthy lifestyles by providing individualized fitness and nutritional programs specifically designed for each client and their healthy lifestyle goals. 

The name of her personal brand is Samaria Ari Fitness, and her only source of motivation is her clients. It's the clients that keep her going as they’re looking up to her as a fitness inspiration! 

Website: Train with Samaria 

Mobile App:Samaria Ari Fitness

Instagram Handle:  samariaarifitness

Watch Samaria get candid with us and share her fitness journey on another Outside The Gym special.

Willie Ruffin

Willie Ruffin is a personal trainer with over five years of experience in the health and fitness industry. 

Willie is an ISSA Certified Coach (CPT and Strength & Conditioning) and the owner of Afya Njema Fitness LLC. He specializes in HIT, cardio, resistance training, and calisthenics. 

Afya Njema stands for “good health” and that is the mission. The goal of his personal brand is to make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable, obtainable, and maintainable by providing a family of support that they call “The Tribe.” 

Their approach to health is holistic - using physical training, education, nutrition, mindfulness, and mentoring to empower you to become your healthiest.

Website: Train with Willie

Mobile App: Afya Njema Fit

Instagram handle: afya_njema_fit

Bruce Berryman

Bruce Berryman is a Multi-Sports Performance Movement Specialist based out of Orlando. Driven by his desire to help people, Bruce has been working with a diverse clientele for over 12 years to help them reach their fitness goals. 

Bruce has trained athletes belonging to major leagues like theNBA, NFL, and MLB. Athletes trained by him have competed in Olympic events, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Track and Field, NCAA Basketball, and NCAA Football. 

The name of his personal brand is 1%FIT which aims to help athletes reach their true physical potential.

Website: Train with Bruce 

Instagram Handle:  berrymanfitness

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Like these fitness trainers, there are many other personal trainers, health coaches, yoga instructors, gym trainers, and nutritionists who are now using the power of their own fitness app to expand their fitness business and train people worldwide.

Check back soon for another such list with more personal trainers and coaches based in the United States.

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