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Resources: The Ultimate Document Library Feature

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Sangeet Thakur

FitBudd resources provide a fantastic array of on-demand content, letting you create and manage collections tailored specifically for your clients.

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Resources: The Ultimate Document Library Feature

Have all the information you need to share with your clients in one convenient spot - Resources! FitBudd resources provide a fantastic array of on-demand content, letting you create and manage collections tailored specifically for them. No more fumbling through endless folders trying to locate what they're looking for - everything is at your fingertips now!

What can you do with Resources?

1. Add Resources

With Resources, you can give your clients access to valuable materials right at their fingertips! You can add links 🔗 - like those to special promotions or informative websites, documents 📄 and pdfs. 

Plus videos ⏯️ so they have all the latest info without searching for it. It's a great way of keeping them in the know with just one click away.

​​2. Add Resource Collections

You can simplify content organization and accessibility by creating collections of resources. Mark each collection as "Active" or "Inactive" to manage access.

3. Give Free access to your collections

Make your collections accessible with free access! Why not provide a way for potential customers to get an in-depth look at what you have to offer? Offering complimentary access is the perfect solution and a surefire way of inviting more people into your world.

Quick Guide to Setting up Resources and Collections

1. Go to the Side menu and click Resources


2. A default collection would be already present - "All Resources". This collection would contain all the resources you will create on the FitBudd dashboard.

3. Click on All Resources, which should first be empty. First, you would want to add resources - a video / a link / a document. Click on "Start Adding" or "Add More". Fill in the basic information about the resource and start uploading.

4. Now that you have added a few resources, you can create collections. Click on the + button or the "Add Resource Collection" button to create a new collection.


5. All you need to do is fill in the basic information and decide if you want to make this collection available to non-paying users as well.

6. Once you have added all the resources and collections, you can move to enable the ones you want to share with the client. Use the toggle to the left of the title.


Making a document hub of your own is easy! Just follow the steps, and they'll be visible to any clients you have through the Profile page > Resources in the app. 

With this quick setup process complete, you can now confidently start training, knowing that all your documents are there for when needed. 

Happy Training from Team FitBudd – made with care and lots of love 🧡

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