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Do You Have Constant Hunger Pangs? 3 Convenient, Affordable Solutions

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Dealing with hunger pangs can be frustrating. But there are some convenient tips to subside these pangs. Read on to learn more about how you can deal with hunger pangs in a healthy manner.

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Do You Have Constant Hunger Pangs? 3 Convenient, Affordable Solutions

We all know that discomforted feeling or a growling effect in the abdomen that starts troubling whenever we are hungry. While feeling such hunger pangs is normal when you are hungry, some people may experience such sensations constantly for various reasons, and there are specific ways to help you overcome them.

Causes of Constant Hunger Pangs

Before you start finding a solution about - how to stop feeling hungry all the time, it is essential to know the causes. Knowing the right reason behind your constant hunger pangs can make it convenient for you to get to the right solution faster. Here are some of the many primary causes:

Not Eating Healthy Food:

One of the major reasons for feeling constant hunger pangs is not eating healthy food. Eating junk food with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar leads to a drop in the level of insulin in the body. When it drops, the body releases the hormone ghrelin, responsible for making you feel hungry. Thus, even if you had food just an hour ago, you will again start feeling hungry if it is not healthy.


Several times, people may get confused between hunger and dehydration because the symptoms for both are almost similar.

Being Sleep Deprived:

Studies have also mentioned that people who face a challenge in sleeping or have insomnia often get hormonal disruptions in the body that can cause hunger pangs even after two hours of eating a meal.

Mood or Emotions:

You may come across people who feel the urge to eat something under stress or when they experience an emotional breakdown. Similarly, some people may start feeling hungry at the sight of a delicious food item or when they smell their favorite, like freshly baked muffins.

Medical Conditions:

Many experts also associate these constant hunger pangs with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, depression, and fever.

Solutions to Alleviate Constant Hunger Pangs

Now, after knowing the actual causes behind the hunger pangs, it is easier for you to understand how to stop hunger based on the category you fall into.

If you have a medical condition, you must consult a doctor. However, in other cases, here are some convenient and affordable solutions that can help you and simultaneously answer your question about how to avoid hunger constantly:  

  1. Go Healthy with Food:

According to experts, one of the prime reasons for feeling constant hunger pangs is unhealthy food. Thus, the first step you need to take is to - focus on having a healthy diet. Try out low-calorie diets and regularly eat small portions of healthy food every four hours. Include protein, whole grains, and vegetables in your primary meals of the day, i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, you must include more healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, dry fruits, and nuts for other meals.

When you get into a routine of eating healthy at regular intervals, you will soon notice a change in your hunger pangs and health. In addition, you start experiencing various physical and mental benefits and can effortlessly deal with several other health ailments.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

Many professionals mention that more than half of your troubles get solved if you start living a healthy lifestyle, including the issue of constant hunger pangs. Therefore, if you wish to know how to control hunger without eating too much or constantly, you must change your diet plan and follow a healthy regime.

One of the healthy tricks you can start following is to repair your sleep timetable so you do not get sleep-deprived. You can also try other methods like - taking a warm shower or distancing yourself from blue light by keeping away your electronics at least an hour before you go to bed to have a night of quality sleep.

Similarly, another healthy thing that you need to include in your regime is to stay hydrated. People often feel hungry when their water intake is extremely low. Thus, gulp in at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily and keep yourself hydrated.

Again, sparing at least 30 minutes every day for a light workout session, or brisk walk also helps balance your hormones and control several health concerns.

  1. Use Distractions:

While the above two solutions will offer you results, you will also require some instant solutions in the long run. So, if you are looking for how to stop feeling hungry without eating immediately, one of the best solutions is to distract your mind somewhere else.

If you just had a meal and still feel hungry, it indicates that your mind is just playing tricks with you. Still, if you're confused about how to kill hunger without eating, you can indulge in other activities like - watching a movie or Netflix series, book reading, socializing, etc.

Usually, when it is not your real hunger, the sensation goes away when you divert your mind to other activities. But this happens only when you feel the pangs due to an emotional breakdown or at the sight of a food item. If you have a habit of hogging junk food regularly, then you must follow the above two methods to treat yourself slowly.

When you constantly feel hungry, you eat without a break, which leads to an increase in weight and many health issues such as increased cholesterol, blood pressure, and many others. Hence, it is extremely important to take this situation seriously and start using solutions to control your hunger pangs. If nothing works out for you, you must immediately consult a doctor for expert supervision.

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