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Telling the difference between being fit and healthy

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Fit and Healthy are two words often used interchangeably. But do they really mean the same? Are you fit or are you healthy? Which is better? Find out with this blog post.

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Telling the difference between being fit and healthy

Fit and Healthy are two individual phrases, but many people consider them the same. A fit individual may or may not be healthy. Similarly, a healthy person may or may not be fit. While you may have thought fit to be a synonym for healthy, it is time to understand that both describe two different states of the body. An individual needs to take care of health and fitness simultaneously.

What is Fitness?

When you talk about being fit, it is all about the aesthetics of your body. You should have a great body to look fit and should have the ability to perform different tasks. However, here are some additional essential factors that can help determine whether you are fit or not:

Endurance and Power:

Endurance and power are the two eminent factors of being fit. You must have the stamina to perform different physical tasks with enough strength and power.

Flexibility and Balance:

A fit body is agile and maintains extreme flexibility. Therefore, if you are 100% fit, you will be flexible and know how to maintain balance each time.


Proper coordination between different things is also an eminent factor that proves that you are a fit individual.

Speed and Accuracy:

If you are fit, you will have speed and accurately perform all the physical activities.

Based on the above factors, many may doubt being fit and healthy are the same thing. Unfortunately, the answer to this is no.

What is being Healthy?

While fitness is all about an individual's physical appearance, agility, and strength, being healthy is a summary of almost everything. So, what does being healthy mean? Here are some factors to answer this question:

Physically and Mentally Healthy:

A person is healthy if they maintain a proper/healthy weight and have a more robust immune system. A healthy individual will also possess better self-esteem, higher energy, and the ability to maintain a good mood. The crux is that the individual must have a healthy body and mind.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Moreover, the lifestyle of the person is an indication of whether a person is healthy or not. For example, if the person consumes a healthy, nutritious diet, gets enough sleep, and works out at least 30 minutes daily, it indicates that they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now, when it is about health, another thing to understand is the difference between health and wellness. Health is the condition of your body and mind, while wellness is how you maintain your health. Thus, when you are healthy, you have good wellness.

Getting Fit and Healthy Together

Now, when the difference between health and fitness is acknowledged, another point is proven;  you must simultaneously be healthy and fit to enjoy your life.

So, the major question here is how to be fit and healthy simultaneously. The following pointers can help you understand the same:

Proper Nutrition:

One of the most important things you should do to stay healthy in life is to maintain a proper diet that is nutritious enough for your body. Unfortunately, the market is full of different processed items that lure you, but you must prioritize having a balanced diet with a ratio of 80:20 for healthy and unhealthy food.

You must include whole grains, lean protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet to improve your digestion and offer you a stronger immune system.

Healthy Routine:

Apart from having healthy nutrition, it is also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy mind too. You must have a proper work-life balance, apart from having adequate sleep to relax your body and mind.

Cardio Exercises:

Irrespective of how busy you are, taking out 30 minutes to perform cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming can help keep your heart, blood flow, and other internal systems in check and will ensure that you fall less ill.

Physical Training:

While the above tips are the ways to maintain a healthy life, indulging yourself in a regular physical training session will also ensure that you get fit. Whether you are hitting the gym or working out at home, it is entirely your choice; the only thing is that performing physical training will help tone your body and offer you strength and agility. If not a hardcore workout, you can get started with your favorite sport, such as boxing, football, cricket, or any other, to get a toned and fit body.

Why is being fit and healthy essential for you?

The world offers many facilities today to make your life pleasurable and comfortable. But while enjoying the pleasures, it is also important to remember that you can enjoy these only when you are in a good state of mind and body.

Just breathing is not what you will wish to be like, right? To enjoy every aspect of life, you will have to thrive and not just survive. Thus, you should know and understand what is fitness and health to enjoy a happy and troubleless life.

If you are healthy, whether you wish to be fit or not is entirely your choice. But if you are fit, you must ensure that you are also healthy. While both the terms are quite different, they still have a thin thread connecting them both. Factors like eating nutritious food and exercising are some of the important activities you need to do, whether you wish to look fit or be healthy.

But the crux of the story is you should focus first on being healthy to avoid any health concerns and then train your body to get fit.

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