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FitBudd Wins Multiple Accolades From Gartner Digital Markets

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Sonal Shahid

FitBudd is proud to announce its incredible award-winning streak from Gartner Digital Markets. Our product got recognized in multiple reports across all Gartner Digital Markets brands for the Yoga Studio category.

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FitBudd Wins Multiple Accolades From Gartner Digital Markets

FitBudd is proud to announce its incredible award-winning streak from Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp).

Our product got recognized in multiple reports across all Gartner Digital Markets brands for the Yoga Studio category

These reports are independent assessments enlisting the top products under different categories based on the independent user ratings and reviews. 

Here’s What Our CEO, Saumya Mittal, Has To Say About These Accomplishments

"With multiple software and products launching every day, building a successful business comes with unforeseen challenges. I feel delighted and proud that FitBudd rose to the top in such a short time.

The love, appreciation, and support that we receive from health & fitness professionals globally keeps us motivated and helps us improve every day to achieve these wins.

There's a long journey ahead of us, and I'm grateful for the incredible team that has worked tirelessly to deliver nothing but the best. Inevitably we have faced insurmountable challenges at every step, but they never stopped us from moving forward, and this accomplishment itself is worth celebrating a million times over.

We look forward to making a serious dent in the global health & fitness industry!"

- Saumya Mittal

CEO, FitBudd

NOW, Check Out FitBudd’s Amazing Wins


Category: Yoga Studio

“There are simple to many great things about this app, to just highlight a few. I've been looking to move into the online training world for a while now, but need to find the right company & platform that I felt to really help maximize my impact. Came across FitBudd via social media, liked what I saw; arrange the online meeting & haven't looked back. Absolutely blown away by their functionality & professionalism.”

~ Jamal J. ~

[Source: Capterra]

[Check out the methodology here]


Category: Yoga Studio

My experience has been amazing. The customer service is A1! They respond in a fast and timely manner and are very professional and patient with me and are always so helpful with any questions or concerns I may have. I love FitBudd!!!!

~ Natasha P. ~

[Source: GetApp]

[Check out the methodology here]

Software Advice

Category: Yoga Studio

The Team at FitBudd are very helpful and are willing to help with any questions that I asked. Everyone was friendly and professional.

~ Seion ~

[Source: Software Advice]

[Check out the methodology here]

FitBudd Is Rated 4.6 (out of 5) On All Gartner Digital Market Brands

Thanks again for believing in us, supporting our efforts, and being a part of our celebrations.

You  have made this possible! 🎉

Thank you,

Team FitBudd

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About FitBudd

FitBudd is a fast-paced startup building a platform for global health & fitness professionals. Founded by IIT Delhi alumni and funded by marquee investors, FitBudd is all set to accelerate growth and capture the ever expanding fitness market.

FitBudd offers a unified platform to make online personal training truly personal. Each coach gets their own website with integrated payments. They also get a portal & app to manage their clients, get insights, analytics and more - all in one place. Clients get a mobile app to do workouts, log nutrition and track their entire fitness journey, and all the data is accessible to their coach in real-time. They engage with in-app messaging  and video calls. Let’s note, this is not just a video calling platform - a trainer can coach 100s, even 1000s of clients asynchronously using pre-recorded content. 

All in all, FitBudd helps personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, dance instructors, sports coaches, and other fit pros reach new clients, build stronger relationships with their existing ones and promote a healthy lifestyle for everybody.

About Gartner Digital Markets

Gartner Digital Markets is a Gartner business unit composed of Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice.

It is the world’s premier source for software vendors to connect with in-market buyers, through research, reviews, and lead generation.

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