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How to Become a Fitness Model, According to Real Fitness Models

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Always wanted to achieve that flawless Instagram look? Let’s ask the experts themselves. Read on to learn how to become a fitness model according to real fitness models.

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 How to Become a Fitness Model, According to Real Fitness Models

How to become a fitness model, according to real fitness models

Have you ever noticed stunningly beautiful women showing their chiseled abs while scrolling through social media? If yes, you probably have seen a fitness model.

A fitness model is a growing tribe of men and women showcasing their toned bodies and athletic endurance to promote products of numerous kinds.

Much in demand for their looks and their physical capabilities, fitness modeling is an exciting career. Both female and male fitness models are in high order as brands look to promote their products.

As a fitness model, you:

  • Pose for fitness productions
  • Perform for commercials
  • Post on social media
  • Participate in competitions
  • Work with brands to promote their products
  • Booking jobs and clients

If you are looking for a career as a fitness model, here are insights into the world of fitness modeling and answers to the pertinent question - how to become a fitness model from real female fitness models.

Fitness Modeling as a Career

The modeling industry is a highly competitive world. The constant Instagram feeds of beautiful ladies in their bikini bods must not fool you. As Lola Chél puts it, becoming a fitness model is not like magic. You need lots of physical and mental commitment, dedication to your chosen path, and love for what you do. Lola is an international model and a model coach.

You may start small, but eventually, by working hard, a big-named agency might sign you, says Alex Silver-Fagan, a yoga trainer and an accomplished fitness model.

A career in fitness modeling has many benefits. For a start, the average earning of a fitness model is between $40,000 and $70,000 per year. Higher paychecks are possible, given you can schedule well.

But Suzanne Cover says fitness modeling shouldn't be your sole earning model. You must always find an alternate income source, given the long-wait periods between calls for a shoot. For those who don't know, Suzanne runs a wine consulting business.

As you meet and network with people in your modeling career, other opportunities step in automatically. For example, Alex got contributing jobs as a fitness trainer through her modeling network, and Susan's wine consulting got a shot because of her modeling career.


  1. Being Fit Everyday - The foremost challenge for fitness model women is having a body suitable for a shoot. You must constantly work on your body to make it camera-ready. A fitness shoot does not just involve posing before cameras. You may have to run around a track for that perfect running pose and do some exercises; thus, the shoots become physically taxing.

  2. Rejections are Inevitable - Even though you are fit and are at your absolute best, you may get rejected for a role. You must take rejections in your stride and move forward. Suzanne says that body awareness and confidence are two essential things in this industry.
  3. No fixed schedule - Last-minute call is common in fitness modeling. Suddenly you get a call the night before for a shoot early in the morning. Such instances make it challenging to accomplish personal commitments, says Suzanne.

How to Be a Fitness Model?

Accomplished fitness models have got an entry into the industry in various ways. But, to be a fitness model, they outline certain things:

1. Building the Physique

Raechelle Chase, a gym fitness female model and former IFBB figure professional, says that your body is the product you will market. So figure out what makes you special from the rest and work on it.

Begin by building your physique. A piece of advice from Lola Chél is 'make fitness your lifestyle.'

Whether you are building an athletic body or a lean physique, follow a dedicated model workout routine. Commit yourself to it till you achieve the desired figure and stick to the diet regimen no matter what.  

As grueling as it may sound to become the best fitness model, you must forego certain things in life.

2. Finding Opportunities

Participate in fitness, bikini, and figure competitions. These competitions often have the fitness industry people as sponsors. Meeting them will expose you to the fitness community, says Omega Zumpano, owner of Omega Fit Life, exercise psychologist, and fitness model.

Also, you can hire an agent to look for opportunities. Fashion and fitness model Melissa Riemer recommends it. She says an agent will introduce you to high-end clients and create a long-lasting career.

3. Create a Portfolio

Include a portfolio of photos and submit them to modeling agencies. Don't worry about taking perfect snaps, but take shots from every angle possible. Either ask a friend to take the pictures or, better still, hire the services of a professional model photographer for the best results.

4. Make Social Media Your Modeling Space

The most successful fitness expert and model in recent times is Jen Selter. Her fame and career came from posting her pictures on Instagram. Her success story must make you realize the power of social media.  

Start posting your pictures on social platforms. Every elite fitness model says you have to be comfortable showing your body and be confident about it. So, ensure the photographs you post ooze confidence.

5. Work and Gain Experience

Once you start getting roles, no matter how small they are, work with dedication. Grab every opportunity you get and build up your portfolio. Each engagement will teach you something, so learn from it. The more experience you get, the better your payoff will be.

Get Straight With Your Dream

Choosing fitness modeling as a career is a challenging choice. There is so much to sacrifice. You may work hard consistently throughout your career and simultaneously face ugly rejections and name-calling. Fitness software can help you track your progress and stay on track towards your goals, whether that be building muscle, losing fat, or improving your endurance.

Hardships aside, the career is rewarding. You get to meet numerous people on the journey. You can motivate many women to overcome their inhibitions and achieve their goals.

To achieve all this, be committed to your goal, work like there is no tomorrow, always be ready with a picture-perfect body and love the work.

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